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Planescape Torment : MMO?


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The death of Black Isle Studios squashed my dreams of having a Planescape MMO.


With Interplay teetering on the edge of Bankruptcy, and finding my CD of the Torment music, it got me thinking about this again.


EQ - Dated Fantasy

DAOC - My introduction to MMO's

EQ2 - Great Graphics, but lacking

DDO - Disappointing

NWN - Good RP, but not a MMO

NWN2 - I don't have enough information



Anyhow, Obsidian Gods, just thought I'd throw this idea out there. Feel free to ignore this if it's been hashed out already. I've done a search of the forums, and haven't found anything about this.





Planescape - 3D 1st Person/3rd Person Fantasy MMO

Main world / setting - Sigil: The City of Doors


Player Races: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Drow, Tiefling, Assimar, etcetera...

Player Classes: Fighter, Mage, Ranger, Thief, Bard, etc...


Mobs: pretty much anything you can think of that falls within the Planescape setting.


Factions: Athar, Believers of the Source, Bleak Cabal, Communals, Doomguard, Dustmen, Fated, Fraternity of Order, Free League, Harmonium, Mercykillers, The Nameless, Revolutionary League, Ring-Givers, Sign of One, Society of Sensation, Sodkillers, Sons of Mercy, Transcendent Order, Xaositects


Players can join up with the faction of their choice. With benefits and detriments associated with each.


Note: The Nameless are something I just came up with that would tie the games together. Basically, they are the followers of the legend of The Nameless One, who are tormented in some way.


Actions within the game will change your alignment over time.


Game Expansions: The various doors to the planes become unlocked.





Now I know that WoTC would have to be brought in on this, and whomever owns the rights to Planescape: Torment would have to be placated... However, I do believe that there is a fan base large enough to at least warrant the R&D.


The idea of being in 1st person, and looking up to see the rest of the Sigil looking up at you... It makes me all gooey inside just thinking about it.



So, This is my first post. Feel free to slam or praise as you see fit.


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Just idea of hearing "lol, omg u r n00b." in sigil nearly makes me cry.


People should be happy with WoW.

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i'm sure there are some nwn2 pw's based in sigil on the works....


There is, I think it's CoD for City of Doors or something. It's been a long time since I looked into it.


First off, don't be turned off by the few MMO bashers on this board. They are vocal and complain every time anyone mentions a MMO. They aren't for everyone, and their complaints are valid, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying them. The whole complaint about RP in MMO's is pretty much :( anyways. If you put 5,000 people in a room, you shouldn't expect a great RPing experience. That doesn't mean you can't have fun.


I think a PS:T MMO would be very unique, but I don't imagine it will be in the works anytime soon. It's very hard to commit to anything other than high fantasy because MMO's are a large financial risk. Hopefully someday we will see a MMO that breaks the standard mold.

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All MMO's equals :x

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read this and STFU (no offence meant)



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You tell him to shut the **** up and then call "no offence".


Well, ok then.



As for the topic, I don't want one to be made either, I'm not saying it couldn't work, since even PST is just one big hack'n'slash if you take the story out. I just don't want it made. It would probably fail anyway, thanks to only high fantasy being popular.

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I could see how a Planescape MMO would work. There are plenty of factions for the players to join which can take care of PVP stuff and the idea of having expansions be different planes is quite appealing to me.


I do, however, think that such a game should not try to link itself to Torment in any way shape or form. No cameos or nothing, just use the setting anyway.


I don't see it happening though. Afaik WotC still doesn't support Planescape officially and until they do, it won't get licensed. Although Sigil is mentioned in NWN 2, so maybe the City of Doors is officially supported and if so, that would be a good start I guess. But I still wouldn't hold my breath.


(and even if the game was made, I probably wouldn't play it. I have no love for MMOs, although the Planescape setting would be enough to at least make me interested)

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Read this and STFU. (no offense meant)
Just FYI: Telling someone to 'shut the frak up' is not the best way to get them to read what you post, and is a sure fire way to get added to an ignore list.

No offense meant, my eye. <_<





Thanks to those that pointed out that there are quite a few here who don't like MMO games, and that they bash them often. I'll try to not be quite so crotchety towards them. :shifty:


I know that not everyone likes them, but I thought that I would put this idea out there for the 'Powers That Be' to read.

I don't expect this idea to spark a game immediately. Even if they approve and go forward with the idea, it will be at least three or four years before beta testing can even be discussed, let alone implemented.


I realize that people are writing Planescape modules for NWN2, but I don't think the engine is quite capable of displaying how Sigil truly is. I'd expect a lot of R&D to be able to display a city that's inside a ring. While it would most likely be divided up into the city division zones, getting gravity to 'go out' instead of 'down' would be quite a trick of the code. I would think that the programmer that figures how to do that would get quite a hefty bonus. :)


Also... Wait, I think I get it.

Sigil wouldn't be considered 'High Fantasy'. Instead, it would be 'Urban Fantasy'.

It would only be labeled 'High Fantasy' after the planes were opened. I think. Is that right?

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Why would any one want to play a MMO that consisted of meeting up with friends to read a novella's worth of text together - isn't that more like a book club rather than a game?


Seriously though let it die, Planescape, like Jefferson, is dead. It won't be coming back anytime soon.

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you could take the concept of planetscape and push it for an mmo (not planetscape itself... but mulitpule interconnected realities. Maybe have them at different points along a time line (so in one reality we've got sorcererors who toss fireballs and summon demons like no tommarow while in another you've got a techno magi calling down orbital bombardment on his opponents.)


It'd be a nightmare to balance but it'd be interesting to see done.


PST itself would probably make a pretty good MMO given that you could have an overall objective in the players mind. (like everyone fighting for the City of Doors so they can control all extra planer trade) start with four planes open, have those four be the primary factions and in the city you have other factions that you gain/loose influence with so that you can slowly take control.


If this game was like City of heroes in that it had "zones" (you'd almost have to with the various planes) you could set it up so that between two city zones you have a conflict area that, if it gets taken by a certain side it gives them some sort of bonus.



... meh, who knows?

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