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Creepiest Planet?

What was the creepiest planet?  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. What was the creepiest planet?

    • Onderon/Dxun
    • Taris
    • Malachor
    • Korriban (K1)
    • Nar Shadaa
    • Korriban (K2, includes tomb)
    • Kashyyyk
    • Peragus
    • Tatooine
    • Manaan

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The planet that you thought zombies were gonna pop out from your blaster or lightsaber hilt on your first playthrough.


For me, it's a tie between Manaan, for it's creepy crazed selkath, and Malachor, for, well, mainly Kreia, since she was old enough to be a zombie, and the one-slice-and-you're-dead monster.



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To me kashyyyk is one of the fun planets. It did creep me out with all the howling that sounded like Jole Bindo in my ear. Don't you think it sounded like Bindo? with all that ooooo noise in the back ground.Malchors music scared the mess out of me. when it comes to video games its all about the music that makes the game freaky.All the vialins playing that music so scary. :thumbsup:

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Manaan. Those sharks. They freaked me out, bumbing to me from front, behind, left, right... :shifty:


K2 Tomb in Korriban was creepy too.

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Manaan. I hate those fish they are creepy.

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I freakin' hate huge water monsters like that shark god in in the Rift on Manaan. So when it first came into view, after that awfully easy firaxa blasting had lulled me, I almost wet my skirts.


Dear god. :ph34r:

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I think the only creepy on es are K2-Korriban, Malachor and maybe Kashyyyk. Manaan was too relaxing for most of it to be remotely creepy for me. Well, I suppose...


For me it's Korriban. The corpse of Vahs and the tomb was evil(I hate that tomb so much)

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it would have been fun to have som sort of spirit/zombie coming up to killl you on Malachor. Somthing like the Flood.

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Korriban in K2 and partly Malachor V have qutie a eerie and dark feeling.

The empty academy and especially the secret tomb were the most creepy places in both games.

All planets from K1 were not creepy at all.

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