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Favorite Alien

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I don't see what makes twileks such great aliens. Except for funky skin colors and head tails, they're practically human in their attitudes and diversity. If I'm going to pick a favorite alien, it's going to be an alien that's unique from humans. Like, for instance, jawas. :ninja:

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I liked the Utpauns(sp?) for their dark toothy looks and Jawa's because they're short and incomprehensible like myself.


And of course, a runner-up nod must be given to: Space Slug!


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I don't understand the sexiness of Twi'leks either  :huh: . Maybe it's just cos they look the most human-like.


I think Zabraks are more human-like.



Grrrrr....stupid annoying things that speak stupid.


P.S. And LadyCrimson-Space Slug and Upatauns-brilliant choices! :)

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I think the fascination with Twi'leks is a result of our memories of the hot dancing girl (and later added singers) in Jabba's Palace.


I read on the SW site that Twi'lek girls are considered to be very erotic, or some such, to many different species.


Maybe it's pheromones? Maybe they just know how to shake that thang? Maybe Amy Allen who plays Aayla Secura is just amazingly sexy?



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I just like that many Bothan spies died to bring us this information...  :)


Little stocky furball spymasters?


Hmm.... nah.  :-

They were useful and obviously dedicated to the Republic. Twi'lek females, on the other hand, seem naturally inept at anything other than getting killed.


that's to be expected from worms <_<

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Wonderful pictures of Aayla. :p

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