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  1. 1. Win Ben Stein's Money 2. The Twilight Zone 3. Seinfeld 4. Nova 5. South Park 6. The Daily Show 7. Antiques Road Show 8. The Six Wives of Henry VIII 9. Futurama 10. Mythbusters
  2. 50 Cent is alright, but he is way overrated. I wouldn't buy anything of his, but I might listen to him on the radio.
  3. Malak- Guardian, obviously Revan- I've always though of Revan as a Sentinel because he seems to have had a lot of skills. He built HK-47 and he seemed to be very persuasive. Exile- I'm not really sure, not a really a Consular though.
  4. I felt really horrible killing Jolee, since his backstory made me feel sorry for him.
  5. I liked Manaan's swoop track, it was the only thing the planet was good for.
  6. Malachor V wasn't as great as it could be... Manaan was extremely boring and rather pointless too.
  7. I actually enjoy the way Yoda talks.... Meesa have to go with Jar Jar
  8. No matter how bad the reviews are or how bad the game stinks, I know I will enjoy it to an extent. So yes, I will be buying it.
  9. I use flurry quite often, but lately I've began using power attack.
  10. The 7th Guest- The puzzles were hard and rather dull too. Riven- The puzzles were hard and I got stuck fairly often. It was still an awesome game.
  11. I liked influence because it was realistic that you had to earn peoples trust. I didn't like it because you had the same conversation options for most of the game.
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