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What are you playing now?


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I just finished Boiling Point. GREAT GAME!


Damn, I guess that means I'll have to start playing Zathura instead.. I'm supposed to review it.



I've heard little more than bad things about Boiling Point. It looked ambitious, and most people I know have acknowledged that, but on the whole felt the game was pretty poor.

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Damb I think I lost that game :)


I can't find my copy too so I picked this up last week.....




Currently playing....


World of Warcrack(PC)

Kingdom Hearts(PS2)

Final Fantasy IV(GBA)

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I'm still undecided. Graphics wise it seems to be a step up from its previous incarnations. Game wise... It has some nice touches, such as being able to play as both Kain and Raziel, something which had been asked for endless times in the Eidos forums for the game (but my rather modest suggestion back in the day that Kain should visually evolve from the simple vampire into the more feral visage we know with model morphing was ignored :shifty:). Combat seems to have taken a hit... Sometimes it's satisfying but there's little difference between Raziel and Kain, as both have pretty much the same controls and movements; only feeding is different.


I may write a short review some time after I complete the game to its fullest.

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I've heard little more than bad things about Boiling Point.  It looked ambitious, and most people I know have acknowledged that, but on the whole felt the game was pretty poor.

Yeah, but most people haven't tried it after the second mega-patch.


It's sad too because the doublepatched game really is a great game. Its reputation based on the release version is no longer true.

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My wallet is very picky. It just means I'd hold a $13 grudge against you than a $40 grudge.



EDIT: On topic


My PanzerArmees have just pushed into Yugoslavia. War started on August 30, 1939, and I was able to crush Poland in 7 days thanks to some deft manouvering by Rommel, Manstein, and Guderian.


This allowed for an early offensive against France, which had them capitulating in the middle of October, just as winter was starting to head in.


As Franco lost the Spanish Civil War, Republican Spain still existed, and I was worried about their motives to ally with the Allies, so once winter ended, I quickly rushed in. Hausser did a large flank in the mountain side to secure Barcelona, while Manstein, Rommel, Von Kluge, and Guderian made a blitzkreig to the Spanish Capital. Once Madrid fell, armies dispersed to clean up a few remnants of Spanish divisions, as well as secured Gibralter. With access to the mediterranian secured, I fortified my Atlantic beaches, and moved some forces to prepare for the invasion of Yugoslavia and Denmark/Norway.


In response of the Altmark incident, I declared war on Denmark/Norway next. Denmark was a pushover, pretty much surrendering the second I took Kolding. Norway was difficult in that it required an amphibious landing, but once Oslo fell it was just a quick drive up to Narvik to secure the country. Yugoslavia paid shortly thereafter, for not upholding its part of the Pact of Steel.


During the invasion, I also allied with the Italians and have sent air forces to Lybia to help with North Africa. I'm considering invading Sweden, to create a greater Scandinavian puppet state, but I'm concerned about possible retaliations from the Soviet Union. My Eastern Front is not quite ready to have a war yet, as most of my army is still in Yugoslavia. Though I'm considering taking control of Hungary's forces, and integrating them into my Eastern Front. Not sure what I have planned yet for places like Bulgaria and Romania. Ploesti's oil fields would be nice, so perhaps an alliance with Romania to ensure that the bulk of that oil goes to me. As it is right now, I'm trading for oil primarily from Venezuela, as well as the Soviet Union (I can't wait for the looks on their faces when they see the gas powered Panzer divisions heading towards them, built with precious materials and oil from their country.


Oil is not a huge concern at the moment though, as I have healthy stockpiles. But I do expect to start working at a deficit once I organize a few more Armored, Mechanized, and Motorized divisions.

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Just got Fallout Tactics. I'm a bit disappointed. It kind of feels like Jagged Alliance lite.

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