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Starcraft is pretty big.  I'd say that SC is a better game.  I like a lot of the flavour of Empire at War.  Having a fleet of Mon Calamari Cruisers get into a combat against a large fleet of Star Destroyers is just a ton of fun.  Protecting your Y-Wings so that they can get Torpedo runs off on the shield generators (torpedoes by-pass shields...so TIE Bombers and Y-Wings are terrifying to big cap ships that only have turbo lasers).  I like the hero units too.  I've only played as the rebellion, but the Millenium Falcon is a fighter killer, as is Red Squadron.  Luke can use the force to get a "lucky shot" which seems to instantly kill smaller ships, or take out components (like shield generators or hangers) on the larger capital ships/space stations.


The land battles are okay as well.  I actually prefer the lack of resource management.  Infantry can secure build pods on the ground, which let you set up turrets and healing stations.  My first experience with Obi-Wan was cool, as he could heal all infantry units in a small radius of him.  I'm not sure why, but I've never had a successful Tow Cable attack on an AT-AT, so they can be pretty scary.


I was one of the few that was actually a big fan of the fleet combat in SW: Rebellion though, so I'm probably a little biased.  Big fleet fights are always fun IMO.  Nothing scarier than taking out a star destroyer only to see that another one has been called in for reinforcements.



Wow, I need this :ermm:


Just out of curiosity, is there any tech crossovers? Can the rebels steal imperial items etc? Like in the movies?

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There aren't "crossovers" perse. The way the Rebels get tech is by stealing plans from the Empire, but as far as I can tell the Empire doesn't actual use those tech skills. Basically it's just "when the empire hits tech level 4, the Rebels can now steal new techs from them."


There is some crossover I imagine, in terms of buildings (Turbolaser towers, Ion Cannons, and whatnot). But not with space/land units. Which is a bit too bad....it would be kind of funny to steal AT-AT plans as the Alliance.

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