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Lightsaber Color

What is your favorite Lightsaber color?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Lightsaber color?

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Silver
    • Orange
    • Viridian
    • Other (Post)

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Still blue. :wub:


Does anyone play with two sabers of different colours?  That always looked wrong to me.

The emphasis on still there!! :wub:

T'hen Malosk: This poll has actually been done before BTW. A lot (i think) ;)


Steve: I have tried playing with 2 different coloured sabers before, mainly because i dont have 2 of the same crystals, but i agree it just looks real awkward.


More on-topic: Green: still my favourite colour and most used :thumbsup:

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Double-bladed blue




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I always wanted a pokadot one.


Cool avatar... Deus Ex is probably my favorite single-player game.


About lightsabers... I don't really trust "canon" anymore because of it's abuse after the original trilogy, and I take what I like and leave out the rest. I don't see why various lightsaber crystals wouldn't exist, but I don't know how they work so I can't be sure of what makes sense and what doesn't. I thought I heard a long time ago that red lightsaber crystals were synthetic, not natural; anyone else recall hearing that at some point? Anyhow, it does bother me when Light Side Jedi use a red saber because the symbolism of the red saber is TOTALLY conflicting with the character, and I wish others would take note of these things (in the game). I mean, personally, I'd be much more at ease a Jedi pulls a blue blade out than if he pulls out a red one. On the other hand, I don't have a problem with Dark Siders using whatever colors they wish, because they're not straightforward and deception isn't foul to them.


I liked the Viridian, as I said earlier, but assuming that isn't a choice, I'd go with green. I like wearing reds and browns, so the contrast works pretty well. Blue just seems... less sophisticated. But it is more attractive.

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During the first few times that I had played the game, my usual choice of lightsaber colour was Green, untill I recieved the cyan crystal. When I first found the cyan crystal, I thought that there was a glitch, and it was supposed to be the Firkann crystal. I used it until I trained Bao-Dur to become a Jedi Guardian and then I gave him the cyan crystal since it was the same colour as his arm. So my choice is cyan.

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I prefer silver or viridian now, if I don't find a cyan one.  Cyan is probably my favorite.  My Revan would have two single-bladed viridian or silver lightsabers, and my Exile would have a double-bladed cyan one.




Thats very sad

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viridian. if i can't get 2 viridian then i go with 2 silver because those are a lot easier to find than viridian


Where can you find silver ones?



I found 2 of each of those crystals. The 1st silver one was from Dantooine from that salvager, and the second from Geeda, after establishing a trade route to Dantooine. The 1st viridian crystal I recieved was from looting the Palace in Onderon ( or you can wait for her to give you it, it doesn't really matter), and the other one was from Geeda after I established a trade route to Onderon.


I have a question though, its not really about the focusing crystal but the other type, and where I found it. When I landed in Korriban and I stepped in front of a corpse, Kreia talks about not looting the corpses since " nothing is to be gained from them". Why is it that when I did loot the corpse, I recieved an Ultima-Pearl?

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