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  1. *Salutes* Rest in Peace, KOTOR. Damn Bioware and LA, and their greed.
  2. I wouldn't call an Xbox 'cheap entertainment' considering that the 360s run around $300+ and the games themselves around $50+, that's in no way, shape or form 'cheap', unless you're loaded with cash(Which I would think that most of us are not). I wouldn't mind PC games as much if it weren't for the fact that you have to have very specific hardware just to play the damn things, such as graphics cards, sound cards, etc..., and usually the parts you need go for $50 - $100+, which really isn't that cheap either, come to think of it.
  3. We already discussed that in the last Kotor3 thread, no need to go bringing it up again. About the cybernetic parts, why bother? What good will it do for the player? Doesn't sound very interesting nor useful.
  4. Now that all the TFU hype is nearly coming to a boiling point, I would think that afterwords, they'll probably announce that highly-rumored KOTOR MMO and start preparing to hype that up aswell. After that, who knows. Maybe after that's all said and done, they'll start hyping up for a KOTOR3. We can only hope, I suppose...
  5. Yeah, from what I've heard, the new CW is pretty bad. Definitely a pass, I don't want to waste my hard earned money on crap like that.
  6. If he dies, it dies with him? I thought he said that if he died, it would go to his kids. Oh well, not like it matters. If the kids don't take it, I'm almost sure to positive somebody else probably will.
  7. And I was making a comment on the opinion you posted. I know you have a story of throwing fits when somebody does that, so if you can't deal with it, perhaps it'd be best if you kept your opinions to yourself. No, you weren't, you were making accusations against me based on something I didn't even say nor even mention, that's a lot more different than 'making a comment' and more like 'trying to start a flame war' .And please don't tell me what to do, last time I checked, you weren't even a mod, nor the 'victim', so stop the act like you are one. I don't have any problems with you defending your views on MMOs or playing them, but that doesn't mean I have to conform to your way of thinking(Which it seems like you're the one pushing your views on me, rather than vice versa), nor do I have to put up with you making accusations against me when I didn't even say half of the crap you're accusing me of, then I have a problem. And if you continue to do so, rest assured that I will report you for trolling.
  8. And I'm of the thinking that not everything needs to conform to some single person's way of seeing things. It's OK if you don't like MMOs, but understand that some people do and are willing to purchase what that perfectly legitimate service offers. Which means it's just not going to go away. No, they are not going to give you stuff for free. They need to make a living too, you know. I wasn't even talking to you, nor did I even mention that everyone should conform to my way of thinking. All I did was state my opinion. Stop putting words in my mouth and actually READ what you're replying to, please?
  9. MMOs...ugh, can't stand those things. I hate any game(s) that you have to pay to play after you've already payed just to own it. I'm of the thinking that as soon as you buy a game, it's yours. No 'extra charges'. No 'monthly fees'. Just bought, payed for and owned. So no, even if Kotor 3 is a MMO, I won't spend a cent on it. No game is worth the money you'll waste on it just for 'monthly fees'.
  10. TSL is the ESB of KotOR even now, but I'd agree that is precisely the one reason why I'd pick K1 as the better game. I cannot in good conscience count an unfinished game as the better one. But that's the only reason K1 wins as the best game for me - TSL had far, far better plot and characters. It's just such a crying shame there should be laws against it... Agreed. TSL's characters were interesting, though VERY undeveloped. I wouldve preferred to see some sidequests featuring them and their various history's, much like what Bioware did with KOTOR1. As for your last sentence, that pretty much sums up my feelings aswell. I don't really play the game or like looking at it due to the fact that everytime I do, all I think of is the waste of the potential it had.
  11. Well, if TSL had been fully completed, I would have no doubt that it would be better, it would probably be more like the ESB of the KOTOR series. But as it is now, KOTOR1 is the definitely the better of the two, due to it actually being complete and, at the very least, more coherent.
  12. I think you've got it confused with 'Jedi Power Battles'. Ive played it, and it's much like the ROTS video game; a button masher, with some weird visuals that keep moving around whenever you jump or go onto the next level. I'd rate it around 4/10, atleast.
  13. ...meaning they'll do like they did with Chechnya; appoint a puppet government in place that abides with them doing whatever they'd like with the country and people. And NATO has already had talks with the Russians about this, Russians said they wouldn't stop for noone.
  14. 1. Knowing the Russians, they'll call it quits when they have Georgia under their rule and at their mercy. Much like what they did and are still doing with Chechnya right now. 2. Simple; never. NATO's pretty much like the UN; won't stand up to the Russians, probably due to the fact that the Russians having a near-ridiculous amount of nuclear warheads(16,000, to be exact).
  15. Hey Shryke, What's up, man? I haven't seen you around for awhile now. Glad you're back aswell. Or in the majority of cases, worse. I have to admire your optimism, though. After all the rehashed stuff that the EU has been making even worse time and time again, Ive grown pretty pessimistic about the whole deal altogether. The only things of EU that interest me now are KOTOR(Both the games and the comics) and the Legacy comics, though the bad art on the KOTOR comics really isn't helping... And I try to be optimistic about everything, because now and then rehash/sequel can end up being as good, and even more rarely, better, than previous attempts...yet I'm not so optimistic where I'll rush out and buy - I have friends/reviewers be the guinea pigs before I spend my money on it. *wink True. There are a few sequels that end up being better than the originals(IE: The Dark Knight, Empire Strikes Back, etc..), and I pretty much have the same deal aswell. I check and see if it's any good or worth buying, if I find out it isn't, I skip it altogether. Saves money aswell as trouble, from my experience.
  16. Or in the majority of cases, worse. I have to admire your optimism, though. After all the rehashed stuff that the EU has been making even worse time and time again, Ive grown pretty pessimistic about the whole deal altogether. The only things of EU that interest me now are KOTOR(Both the games and the comics) and the Legacy comics, though the bad art on the KOTOR comics really isn't helping...
  17. What would I write about? No clue. Though chances are it would be a hell of a lot better than what the authors employed by LFL are writing, but then again, that's not saying much.
  18. Hands on, for me. Just go out there, find them, and, well, you probably know what happens next.
  19. Heh, you should be asking yourself why they put Goto on your ship, atleast Mira's useful...
  20. I tried that; didn't work. How do I delete updates? Also, I'm playing the Xbox version on the 360. Not sure about the updates, though it may be the 360 itself. From what Ive heard, the idiots over at Microsoft didn't bother to make the thing backwards-compatible with some games from the original, so that may be the problem. Is this the first time you've played it on the 360 version?
  21. I had the same problem awhile back, though not because of an update. I just deleted all my saved games and restarted my Xbox. Worked fine after that.
  22. I only read the stuff before the films, or inbetween them. The ones after are pretty much crap, well, except the Thrawn Trilogy, I guess...
  23. You said it, sister. Oh well, least they're making progress, though I doubt it'll be out anytime before 08'. Good thing I have Battlefront to keep me occupied till they finally release it.
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