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good or evil?

How do you play choice good/evil games?  

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  1. 1. How do you play choice good/evil games?

    • Play as a saint first, then start a new game as a bad dude
    • Play as the bad dude first, then start a new game as a saint
    • Saint- Play as good, never play evil
    • Bad dude- Play as evil, never play good
    • Try to stay neutral as much as possible

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Who here generally play games as a bad guy first, then start again as a good guy? Who plays as a good guy first?


I don't mean just light/dark side of KOTOR, but Open Palm/Closed Fist of Jade Empire and other games that gives you the option to choose between good and evil.

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I like to play as a good character at first. All the time in the KOTOR series. Unless I'm playing one of the GTA games. Then its free life from the back of the taxicab with a refund to boot... :thumbsup:


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I always start LS,to know as much as possible about all the characters in the game.Then after I've finish,I play DS and Force choke the ones I didn't like,everytime it's possible of course. :thumbsup:

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LS Male first, then LS Female, then DS Male and then DS Female. I decide which one I liked the best and pick that to my official KOTOR canon. At first it was LS Male but I switched it after I found out about the cut content. And will just pretend its official unless KOTOR 3 does something stupid.

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Well i don't play DS if i don't like the ideology of the faction. e.g if the only way to be Dark is to become a zealot-servant of an evil god i would never do it. But generally i prefer playing as DS male <--> "lawful Evil" alignment.

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First time through, always LS. Then I might try DS, but I can't keep it up for long, because I'm just too nice. I can only manage an hour or so DS, then I have to play a different LS character to cleanse myself. Kotor 2's 'switch character' function helped me a lot.

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First neutral-Lightside (though it didn't fit at all with K1's mega revelation) then DS (though I regret always playing DS already at second) and then LS saint.


So if K3 comes out I'll play it:

1. LS Luke type (Sentinel most probably)

2. Gray (with a slight advantage of Light)

3. DS Anakin type ("they're jealous of my power n stuff" :- )

4. 100%LS Monk ("jedi are not allowed for such attachments")

5. DS Manipulator


Though I suspect that some of these won't work out well cuz it depends on what the story allows you to be.


In K1 because of you not starting as a Jedi I also had the chance to play a Gray Soldier-Type blaster Jedi which was very fun to play as.

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I usually play evil the first time I play a choice game, since I go through the game and become a master by the time I finish as a bad dude. So when I start a new game as good, I'll do every little detail/quests of the game as good and leave nothing out during that game (keeping all good characters alive the best I can, make sure all good quests are completed, find all the hard-to-find items, etc).

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I invariably play sickeningly good the first few times through - then I decide to force myself to go against my nature and be evil. I spend a couple of hours feeling guilty and finding it difficult to do the evil quests.


Then I invariably get right into it and murder my way across the landscape/galaxy, laughing all the way. :D


Heh, heh.

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In KotOR I've always played Male/LS first, then DS (male or female).


Male/LS usually gives the best initial play through with the most story and gimics - I could just be too into the fact that Star Wars is the story of how LS eventually wins.


DS was easier cos of the extra credits here and there, but I think the reason why I find LS more fulfilling is because DS options tend to chop quests short by taking the "easy" way out.


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Gee, tough! I don't have a hard choice between DS and LS, I try to be neutral and see how the character takes me - my biggest problem is I can never bring myself to play as a female character!!! I have a hard time relating to them, my gf has played through KOTOR 2 as a female and I have no idea what happens in KOTOR 1 with a female as I can't bring myself to be female and she doesn't like KOTOR 1's outdated controls (after playing TSL).

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I can't play as light. I play a ton of DSF characters and then sometimes I force myself to play LS to see how it ended up. Or I make my brother play LS so I can watch and just wince at all the goodie-goodie stuff he does, rather than feel like vomiting :lol:


I do agree that the Darkside is usually cheapened out and not as well written as the Lightside . . . But I just can't make myself do that Jedi crap. Ew.


KOTOR I has outdated controls?


And why can't you play as female? I much prefer being female (even if we get the short end of the stick. Damn. DSF gets all the shortcomings of the game :)) but I'll play as male as well. . . . If you don't know what happens in the game, why not play female and find out?

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