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What is your favorite alien language?

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Sasha's language from Kotor 1. I don't think it was actually Mandalorian, more a hybrid/altered version.


I was really impressed by that puzzle; I thought it was such an original thing for a computer game to have to figure out the basic grammar of another language. Don't know if another game has done it before.

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How comes neither Ewoks nor Gungans made it in the pool.. :s


I like the way Rodians speak, and those sounds the Champ race makes is about the coolest thing (if i discount ::dwoooooo:: due to mechanical origins)


... but in the end, gotta hand it to twi'leks, "schutta" is just too versatile and convenient :("

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Anyway, as for the "for linguists only" suggestion...why?


None of these are languages in any meaningful sense at all. No grammatical systems, no inflectional paradigms. Just arbitrary sounds (without even any formal phonology behind them) assigned meanings in English.


To take an example from outside the franchise, even Klingon isn't really considered a language in any meaningful sense. It's more of an English pidgin, with all native English words suppleted by invented ones. But at least it has some limited formalised phonology (not really anything in the way of formal morphophonemics).


And back to Star Wars and linguistics, the idea of Yoda's dialect possessing distinctive or unique grammatical characteristics which can be formalised similarly falls apart, as much as fans have tried to formalise it. All its constructions are just somewhat erratic variations on pre-existing American English constructions. You can talk about the way it spins around typical 20th century American English word order in unpredictable and unformalised ways, but that's all there is to say about it.


Really, among Sci-Fi franchises, Star Wars has about as much to say about alien linguistics as Plan 9 From Outer Space.

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I think you forgot a language, yet I can't remember the name of the race.


It's those guys whose captain you return on Nar Shaddar, furry faces in space suits, very angry like language. I love it, they seem eternally PO'ed



It appears that I have not yet found a sig to replace the one about me not being banned... interesting.

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