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  1. Kotor 2's problem is you get too many jedi, that means that anyone who isn't one becomes next to useless, that includes all the droids. I loved Kotor2 but Kotor didn't have that problem, you got fewer jedi and they weren't very competent.
  2. Just saw it, it was pretty good, except for a few things. Contrarily to the other movies and even games, that's gotta be the tackiest yellow scroller I've seen, Palpatine's disfiguration was tacky as well, Vader's suit really stood out as the 70's piece of molded shiny plastic it was, his naivete again defied imagination, and let's not even talk about surfing the lava. Apart from that, go see it, it's not half bad, the actor that played Anakin actually did a better job.
  3. I'm beginning to hate that place... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Haha, amen to that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How can it start there, there's nothing left of that place.
  4. I wish we could go to Corellia, where is that ? in the core ? I heard it's a system with 5 habitable planets that have been moved in the inner orbit. Alot of the ships in SW, namely the falcon and the imperial cruisers are corellian designs. Han Solo is a corellian, and he dosen't really care about the conflict because Corellia is powerful enough not to care about it.
  5. Yes, K3 should be made and I will buy it for sure, we need another game in the true sith empire.
  6. There are mandalorian females, Mira is a mandalorian, besides, being mandalorian dosen't mean you belong to the mandalorian species. Mandalorians, echani, correllians, what have you, are all human, it's just the places they inhabit that are different. I don't use Kreia that much but for a melee exile, she's a must, the perfect cleric character that can cast all the buffs you yourself don't have time to cast because the fights are over too quick. Mira or Atton are good tech jedi, I usually bring one of them along, but I prefer Mira, nothing like a jedi with a rocket launcher, and when I found out she can fire standard grenades with her armband, I went nuts
  7. Visas was great compared to Bastilla, she was by far the worst jedi of the lot, a poor lightsaber user and not much of a force user at that, except for battle meditation, but you never got to use that in the game. You say Visas was a sentinel built like a consular ? Bastilla was that, but even less effective, she was good at throwing her lightsaber but not much else. As a matter of fact, in Kotor1, your jedi acolytes weren't that great, that lent the other characters with guns and vibroblades make their mark, Canderous for example, fully decked in an exoskeleton with a fully upgraded baragwing heavy blaster was worth a whole starforge worth of dark jedi. In Kotor2, they all get good, especially the handmaiden, just don't level her at all until she agrees to become a jedi.
  8. Is Bobba wearing his father's armor or is it a different suit ? Jango's armor, is it Mandalore's armor ? or am I reaching here. I know that if it was Mandalore's armor it would be extremely old, but we all know how things never get old in SW, some machinery in SW has been in operation for thousands of years, some even speculate that the millenium falcon is the ebon hawk, after thousands of years of repair and refit. There's already no telling how old the hawk is at the beginning of K1, for all we know it might already be several hundreds of years old.
  9. There's no accounting for taste. 21344u said it best, the three first seasons of DS9 sucked, but after that, the series became the best of Star Trek. That was the precise time Berman was taken off DS9 and put to work on the trash heap referred to as Voyager. Evidence speaks for itself, Berman's meddling proved to be the deathknell of ST.
  10. Sure it can, but let's be practical about this, there's no point, Quebec dosen't have the economical power or the industry to be independant, it needs the rest of the country as the rest of the country needs it. Of course with all that scandal that's been going on the liberal party in Quebec is discredited for a good long time, on the next elections, they'll be swept aside by the PQ. The liberals in Ottawa will be re-elected simply because no one else is in a position to win, but in Quebec, the Bloc is gonna come through. A combination of the PQ and the Bloc means there's going to be another referendum for Quebec's independance, and this time, there's no telling which way it's gonna go, because most people lost faith in the federal government. There's gonna be referendum because that's what the people want, they're not thinking straigth or practically, they just want it, and like good politicians, they're just gonna hand it over.
  11. Yeah, but Enterprise being cancelled was justified. It was awful. The only episode that I actually watched all the way through was the latest one with the mirror universe thug federation. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this movie. After the 4 months of absolutly nothing I was interested in I now have some movies that I would like to see. And if as someone else said it's all action scenes with only the barest plot it would still be better than EpII. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Kinda sad that cancellation business, and to think that there won't be any new Star Trek shows feels strange, it is afterall, the longest running sci-fi tv show. Is the cancellation justified ? of course it is, I didn't hate the show, but the folks at Paramount repeated the same mistake: mr. Voyager (Voyager was a blight upon the series, it sucked so bad, it could suck a golf ball through a garden hose), Mr. Voyager is, you guessed it, that **** head Rick Berman, proof of this, is when he got pulled off DS9, it became the greatest Star Trek series ever, as opposed to Voyager to which he dedicated himself, it turned out to be the worst junk heap of the entire series. And they allowed him to meddle in enterprise, that explains why we lost it and why Star Trek is crashing and burning. To be blunt, Enterprise had extreme potential, until you let Berman squander it all.
  12. What's the matter ? don't tell me you like that actor ?
  13. All I can say is, the only time Anakin didn't piss me off was in EP4 and above where you don't see his "wanna-punch-in" face, that goes for that damn kid who played him in EP1 too, course you could say it was time for a new dumbass and his merry bunch: Luke, which I'd hardly call an improvement, Hamill was a has-been even before he started acting. As pathetic as Hamill was as Luke, he could never hope to take the cake from that son of a bitch who played Anakin in EP2, what's the name of that **** faced actor again ? Why the hell did they pick him anyway ? people got shot for less I can tell ya that. Damnit George, what the hell were you thinking signing up that waste of space for episode 2 ? I mean hey, if you wanna shoot yourself in the foot, that's your business, but you oughta know that by casting that sad **** in Anakin's role you damned Star Wars forever.
  14. Yes, I was satisfied, I played it 3 times, only time-honored classics recieive such attention from me, and there was always something new to be found each time I played. The story was a good one also, better in many ways then that of K1. My complaint is mostly with the graphic engine, it's ok, and you can run it to the max without any framerate drops, but it looks dated and somewhat bland. It's use is understandable however, and we got Kotor2 much quicker because of it. I truly hope there's going to be a third kotor, and hopefully, all the complaints here will not serve to thwart it but to improve it and to allow it to be completed properly. Overall, it was an excellent game.
  15. I'm like G0-T0 because my first reaction is a measure of how others are useful to me.
  16. He went out there because the true sith hold the ultimate secret: the 11 secret herbs and spices. They also know how you put the caramel in the caramilk bar.
  17. Don't make your char a jack of all trades, if he's good on strength, concentrate your points there. A jedi concentrates on lightsaber combat so focus everything on that, pick only one of the attack moves and max it. For skills, I'd say repair is one of the more important ones, computers and perception are good to have too. Pick the force powers you want, just see to it that you max out whatever you learn. Master speed is good for everyone, so is master heal, also go for master battle meditation, destroy droid, stasis field and force wave, if you want a ranged weapon, learn throw lightsaber. Don't try to spread out your characters attributes, the best ones are specialists, not generalists.
  18. Revan wasn't a skywalker simply because it wasn't genetically ingrained in him to be a whiny bastard with a face you'd only like to punch in, as seem to be the case for most skywalkers. I always thought Luke was like that, but I had yet to see Anakin in EP2 and the kid that played him in EP1, Leia wasn't as bad, but a better example of jewish princess cannot be found. No offense Bastilla.
  19. In the force, there is nothing as clear cut as good or evil, even in real life, those are concepts only. I would'nt call Kreia evil, though she was notorious for not taking credit for anything, whether the outcome of that was good or bad.
  20. The answer here is simple, give me a console that I can hook up to my pc screen and that will take a mouse and keyboard.
  21. Too bad there are no wookie jedi, can't they feel the force ?
  22. Gotta say I'm biased, and maybe I hate controlers for FPS kinda games, and maybe I haven't used them in some time. Ok, I take it back, no need for flame wars over this. You know, it'd be so simple if they'd just allow a mouse and keyboard on an xbox, then sure I'd buy one, but what would it matter, no console games are designed to handle a mouse and keyboard, and I guess they work better with controlers, I wouldn't, for example want to play a sport game or a racing game with a keyboard and mouse. Truth is, RTS and FPS are games that I wouldn't play with a controler, I played Halo2 the other day, and it sucked BIG TIME !!
  23. Console controllers are crap, that goes for xbox controllers too, and crap is a polite way to put it. I know there's gonna be some unexpected reply like: console controllers aren't crap !!, but that statement would be in error for they are crap.
  24. Jedi master Atton Rand ? He dosen't strike me as jedi master material, maybe they have no choice seing as how there are no more. But a jedi master that plays pazaak ? I don't know. You tie yourself to the story too much, this is a new game, no need to rehash what everyone is doing now. And what's with killing everybody ?
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