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  1. So, anyone know where a Nod fanatic like myself can find those awesome Nod logo screensavers they got in the cutscenes? :D ... and all sorts of other Nod logo stuff? :D
  2. Not quite, I don't think he has the yet.
  3. Lucius


    I understand, though I don't know much about this Frank Miller dude.
  4. Hey now, let's not get rash. But I thought we were friends.
  5. Well sure, the Space Marines are often
  6. They still there? I thought we took em all with us home in the raids. Oh wait, what do I care.
  7. You'll need to dump a gigantic icecube on Iraq then.
  8. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war... But lots of skulls! Seriously though, that's what makes it so cool, it sets it apart from a lot of sci-fi. The only real contender in terms of grim and darkness is Aliens imo.
  9. Noice Marines my boy, turn people inside out with the power of Rock! Ain't nothing faggy with that and you know that the Slaneesh boys get plenty of groupies, some of them even have the normal amount of appendages! The guy who made goatse would worship Slaanesh. End of argument. Disco Marines, I'm guessing their favorite is Barbie Girl by Aqua, would explain the destructive powers of their sound blasters.
  10. Yeah, that game rocked man. I also saw Clive there for the first time btw.
  11. Faggy? Hahaha, take a look at Slaanesh, now that's faggy. Pink armour anyone? Btw. this is coming from a faggy Imperium loyalist.
  12. It is a strange gathering of events, history is. Would the Soviets be sitting on all of Europe had there not been a Nazi Germany to fight? Your "what if" statement just made me think, I do know it is off topic.
  13. First the gun with a night sight, then a combat knife, and now ninja gear? What are you up to this time, Eddo, invading Syria?
  14. I don't know if it's an actual army, but they have a large militia at least.
  15. Not to mention over 400.000 SIG assault rifles in private homes.
  16. Why I never! Surely you couldn't possibly think I was referring to you, dear friend?
  17. Nah, the Emperor will just sue/purge us, it's not worth the risk.
  18. My brother saw someone in a car throw a can out the window onto the street, he picked the can up, and threw it back in. This continued back and forth, until the two young brats came out and wanted to fight.
  19. Mm, double handed chainsaws WITH flamers
  20. Well as you probably know, Warhammer Online is well on the way. You can be those girly elves there as well. Oh and House Cawdor were not extreme enough for me, I took the step further with Redemptionist Crusaders... mmm flamers.
  21. I can appriciate this much more than the bile a certain user of this forum often manages to sprew, so thanks. I don't know how different the US and Canada are really, but in regards to the EU, well the remarks I wrote about earlier would be a reason for me in itself to oppose a EU constitution, the mere thought of being forced into a closer union with some of the nations on this continent makes my skin crawl. There can be no such union...
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