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  1. Well thanks for clearing that up. I'd like to hear what you think about the huge amount of assault rifles, and we're talking about the SG 552's here, in Switzerland that I mentioned earlier. They are equippet to the teeth, so to speak, in their militia but not out of fear for their own government, but incase they should face invasion. Why do you think they have so much less gun crime per capita than, say, the US. (the exact numbers escape me now, but I've seen it somewhere) Do you agree that it is cultural or what? Just to illustrate, a militiaman sitting in what looks to be a diner of sorts. :D
  2. I don't assume you'd be one of those anyway
  3. Yeah but the hoodlum with the Tech 9 and the redneck with the full auto shotgun are both probably not gonna use them for deer hunting, nor strictly for shooting beer cans. But what is to stop you from getting whatever you want then? How about a recoiless gun in your front lawn, cuz y'all never know when the government might send tanks at ya!
  4. What reason do you have to hate Princess Diana?
  5. It costs around 1700$ (at the highest) to get a drivers licence in Denmark, and about 3 months of drivers school. Luckily I passed both theory and driver test in first attempt. How is this in the US?
  6. I have not heard that one in about 15 years That's how long it took to reach spain.
  7. Gun control probably wont work in the US. Yours is a violent culture, as several posters here has more or less confirmed, you need only look at Switzerland to see a country where there's about 400.000 assault rifles in private homes, since they get them home after having served in the Swiss militia, and they've got relatively low crime rate afaik, they're just not a violent people.
  8. Was I supposed to know who she was? :?
  9. Organisations like GLAAD don't have a problem with this ad because it might offend someone, the problem is the message it sends, that gay is bad and must be fought against, and the possible effects this can have. This ad alone won't cause that, but it is part of the larger problem. If anything the ad makes fun of homophobes, although the additional scene with the football team is straight out homophobia. The difference is in how persecuted a group is, or how persecuted they perceive themselves to be. If rednecks were treated the say way that gays are today, I doubt they'd so happy. Same goes with any group. How ridiculously arrogant of you to claim to know what's in the hearts and minds of all men everywhere! And you've even conveniently countered any arguments men might make by accusing them of being liars. And just what does it mean to be "a tiny bit homophobic"? If, for example, a woman goes her whole life without ever thinking or saying or doing anything sexist, but them one day makes a joke about men, is she then to be forever labeled "a tiny bit sexist"? Every person is capable of being homophobic/sexist/racist, but it's stupid to label people based on what they might do or say or think or feel. If a man lives his whole life without ever consciously doing/saying/thinking/feeling anything homophobic then it makes no sense to claim he is "a tiny bit homophobic", and to apply the label to him simply removes any meaning from the word. Claiming that everyone is a tiny bit homophobic/sexist/racist is just a poor attempt to downplay the problem that is homophobia/sexism/racism and ignore the issue. The comment the we "might just as well laugh about it" is really the icing on the cake. It's easy for people not affected by the issue to claim it's just something to laugh about, but to those living in a society that can be hostile towards them it's no laughing matter. Instead of making a thread about this issue and claiming that "one of the biggest problems in the world today is too many people with a total lack of a sense of humor", why didn't you just laugh about the fact that some people can be so humourless and then think nothing more about the issue? Of course I won't hold it against you and claim it's wrong you feel the way you do. Humans are cautious of that which is different to them, but fear and hatred is something that comes later, based on our own interactions with particular groups, or the influence of our guardians, peers and society in general. I just thought this post needed repeating. What's odd is, if this add was in Australia the Australian Families Association would want it pulled off air because it promotes something that doesn't fit into how our society should be.... Only that which doesn't fit would be the two blokes 'kissing'. The way groups like GLAAD (being an Australian I have no knowledge of GLAAD ) react hurt their own cause by alienating other groups that have the same goals, also they cause people to equate human rights groups with nutjobs and or fanatics. It really is a good post, yeah. :D
  10. Uh...since when? I mean, I don't think I've ever seen a player get a yellow flag for uneccessary skipping. Oh I'm sorry, perhaps I should've said male americans in general. I'm not one for political correctness, I'm a Dane after all. However I do get pissed off when people need to express their "disgust", and tell everyone how wrong it is because it says so in that stupid little book of theirs, luckily we don't hear about that here. But if I was in the US and A, I'd want to punch their faces in. <_<
  11. I hate these rights groups always making a fuss, granted I'm not american, but something tells me they're probably a bunch of drama queens who lives up to the lame stereotypes. However, the commercial in itself is just stupid, and the fact that some of the players felt the need to express that they were disgusted by it, is hardly surprising, American football is known for its rabid homophobia, which is somewhat ironic considering the enormous amount of buttslapping these dudes do.
  12. My fav yank! ;D

  13. Hehe takker, lige over ;)

  14. Someone was crazy enough to give me 5 stars, was it you Mothie? Oh now I get it, I can see fancy comment thingies too, this is all very advanced! Anyway go Ros!
  15. It's official, I have now lost several years of my life due to the most exciting conclusion of a match... ever.
  16. womens handball is for suckers, mens handball is much more fast paced and violent. It rox ;D
  17. We won't have to defeat you, France will take care of that for us. ) Also, that game you had the refs on your side, don't forget that
  18. I think it's cool and all, we beat Norway so that's a win for us no matter what happens next. However, I can't stand to watch it for too long at a time, the lead changes so fast I simply gotta go away for about 5 mins sometimes. ^_^
  19. You think I was being sarcastic? I wasn't
  20. I want 4 or 5 star hotels, and lots of locals to protect me and serve me. ^_^
  21. No, but it'll make the evil-dooers scream with fear.
  22. But of course However I was taking loans and buying mercs all the time, I have a feeling that just isn't the way to go in the long run. (however to be honest, mercs often made up a large part of our armies)
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