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  1. I just Wikied that, just the description of what those Chimps are doing to eachother is more graphic than most softcore mags But, did you have a point?
  2. Well I wouldn't say Alexander wasn't a good empire builder, in fact I'd say he was pretty amazing. However his generals, who also happened to be his close companions and body guards, tore the empire apart once he was dead. They were the bloody suckers there! Also, Alex was bi, that's a + in my book.
  3. It doesn't make it better that they got beaten by a woman.
  4. well we only "hate" them when there aren't any others around who are more strange than they are.. it's like family.. you'll hate your brother if you are alone with him in a room for more than a day as well.. ^_^ and Norway is like the little sister who everyone loves.. as long as she keeps quiet.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True, poor Norway is everyones favorite vassal, 400 years under Denmark and some 90ish under Sweden... and they end up with all the oil, figures. I hope there's some near Greenland before they manage to break free! Anyway Copenhagen now eh? Just like my cousins, I doubt you'll ever lose the accent, which is fine! I actually like it, have a conversation with me and I'll be speaking Jysk within minutes! :joy:
  5. That dude Bishop, can I get him along at some point?
  6. It is? I've been living within eye sight of Sweden my entire life, and yet I hear this from a darn Jyde Usually the only thing my cousins from your part of the land knows about Swedes is "meh they talk silly"
  7. That wouldn't be a very metro thing to say
  8. All your non-installation data will be in C:/My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2 folder. It's a good idea to back that folder up. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Much appriciated. Edit: Just one more query in that respect; if I uninstall the game and then reinstall, should I then do anything with this folder? Or will my old saved games just be there in the new installation? I hope you understand my question :D
  9. Can you find your saved games anywhere? In case I wanna store em for a new installation? And also, are those saved games compatible with a new installation?
  10. I don't know how much impact it has on framerate, but I didn't notice anything too bad.
  11. Oh Derald I found a solution to the pixel thingie, I just switched the two top center options in Advanced Graphics to "linear" and voila
  12. What resolution? (I have the same card, but my processor is sub-spec, so I'm playing with everything turned down.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Res is about 1200x700something. Note I'm probably not getting very good fps, but I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to character rendering, I need them to look nice otherwise I won't bother playing. Oh and PS. I play Paladin, and I'm unsure if I should cross over into Cleric as well, would that be wise?
  13. I have a tiny question, games is ok and all, but the graphics on the armour and ground seems somewhat pixelish when I get close enough, and I'm running on high textures btw. Anyone got the same "problem"? My card is a Geforce 6600GT
  14. "chosing to support" blablabla, if you're gonna see it so bloody black and white then lets just stop communicating right here.
  15. Rommel and plenty other higher ranking officers who wasn't involved with the nazi party had been in the military since and during WW1. People don't just quit their lifes work overnight, Germany was their country no matter what, and it had enemies to vanquish (just as Japan, UK, whomever had). But I know it's oh so easy for you to sit there and pass judgement in the bliss of hindsight. Oh and I'm not saying the SS Wikings didn't know what the Nazies did, I'm just saying I can understand why someone would want to blow away commies. ^_^
  16. Who cares who you think is giving who a hard time?
  17. Except you've never been serious about anything, ever.
  18. **** all these people, they just wanna be negative about something. Anyway did it work? Is Dave gone?
  19. There are plenty of Wehrmacht officers who were not Nazi, and some were actually the ones who attempted to take out Hitler, particuarly the officers who hailed from Prussian aristocracy (for the anti-royal crowd out there) Rommel is a good example as well. PS. SS Division Wiking just wanted to fight commies in USSR, who can blame em? )
  20. He's from the Balkans... that would be Count Vlad the Impaler (Dracula)
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