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  1. I could never trust someone from a country as malicious and cruel as.... Portugal... !!!! (w00t)
  2. I scored 92% in who I saw, and 95% in the correct group. (I'm also tired, however not drunk )
  3. Well in case you think it'll be deleted, I'll confirm that I've read it.
  4. Learning about all kinds of ****, it doesn't really matter, every student in the land gets paid a certain amount no matter what study he or she has chosen. And yeah Alan, some are more difficult to get into than others, like medicine or civil engineering, however the amount of cash you get is in no way more lucrative than if you had a regular job, and you gotta be prepared to have it like this for 5-6 years, which I personally never could Edit: also there will always be some slackers just wanting to cash in, but imo they quickly get filtered out because they really don't wanna learn.
  5. Don't threaten people, Walsingham, with your rediculous bogus judgements and accusations of direct support for insurgents. :crazy: This thread is a farce. :angry: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not sure why you are missing the very valid point (I have highlighted it for you!) ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Even more interesting, why is this thread a farce?
  6. I think the US just needs a few more political parties, get something to choose from rather than just the two Oh and Sweden might have taken the "most democratic" price, but we're still the happiest! :joy:
  7. I was... oh **** it. Okay totally over my head
  8. You got it right in the second part of your post, this is exactly what I've been (trying) to say, although I might not have all your fancy college speak to it, I'm just a simple Dane And again, we're just talking about Iraq here, yes? Because as I wrote earlier, Afghanistan was another situation entirely.
  9. Ok lets just have a fist fight then Nah I understand what you mean, I just don't think that it's as black and white as you're trying to make it. Now I can tell you that my countrymen both in Iraq and Afghanistan believe in what they're doing, they're not there for WMD's themselves, but to help the people of wartorn nations. (mind you, in Iraq we only entered after the invasion was over, as part of the occupying force) However I might not think that the invasion of Iraq is properly justified, as it was based on false information, but I admire my countrymens courage and determination, which I think is enough for gaining my support.
  10. Well pardon me but I think that's bull, a lot of guys sign up for many other reasons than wanting to try and fight in a war, perhaps just for being part of the nations defence for instance. Also, the invasion of afghanistan got my 100% support, the Taliban had it coming and it is a NATO operation. However it is outrageously stupid that the focus wasn't fixed on crushing the terrorists there completely, instead they just half assed their way through and started to look for a new target, they even managed to let Binny, the tallest arab ever, flee on a handicapped camel.
  11. Repeating who? You think I wanna read all your silly posts whitebread? Anyway here's a link to his apology, about half way through the clip
  12. We have some 350ish troops down there, not that many, but not a whole lot less than what, say England got there, populations taken into account. They've been in some heavy combat down there in the Helman province, they relieved some english infantry and was in turn relieved again after 5 weeks of combat, no fatalaties even though three of our guys got shot in the head by a sniper. Mind you, Danes are not used to warfare, last time we had an engagement on this scale was in friggin' 1864 for ****s sake.
  13. Seems everybody is forgetting that the black guy is just as racist as the white guy. IMO both are stupid, however we have so far not seen what occured before Richards went into racist mode.
  14. Well I haven't seen it yet, so I can't tell if he's being serious or not.
  15. That's a pretty stupid statement. I'm usually on the side of the police over here, and I'm amazed as to how the law "allows" protestors to throw bricks at the police, who appears like they just have to suck it up, however they have a highly effective crowd control system, perhaps the police in california can learn a thing or two. :D Also, I didn't mean to generalize your entire police force earlier, it's just I've seen some very bad videos of some LAPD officers recently.
  16. ... and that in itself ought to be a good reason never to visit the states. Make no mistake, I think police officers should be respected (when they act accordingly that is) but showing disrespect in a purely non violent matter doesn't mean you should get your ass kicked. What are you, friggin' Pakistan? Or the land of the free?
  17. What kind of incompetent police force do you guys have anyway. When someone refuse to stand up here, the police officers just carry him away, they don't ****ing stun him to oblivion. The guy might also be over doing it, it's hard to tell, but still...
  18. Well, I am trying to be more restrained in my own comments. I really don't want to offend anybody here with my ranting. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was referring to Lucius, not you. You thankfully have at least shown more restraint when it comes to these things. BTW Calax, there is no way you can say that anti-abortion is a religious doctrine in anyway. Frankly I think it's silly myself to equate that with Christianity. You don't need to be Christian to be pro-life, many people just associate the two. You don't have to be religious to value life or to be offended by someone killing their baby. The only thing that you could completely tie with religion is ID and to a lesser extent, a ban on gay marriage. Well, color me corrected. " No, I haven't reported you yet, even though the many of your posts in this thread could qualify as racism or bigotry. One more time though, one more insult like "Jesus Freak", and you most certainly will. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So Christians are a race now, how mighty and proud you folks must feel! Seriously though, I'm only after you because you, like that scum of a man Santorum whom you seem to like (how very unsurprising), thinks that we're "wrong" and equates being gay to child abusers. (or as you once put it, mutants) So really, stop crying. You're the ****ing majority, I'm the minority, you're the ****ing bigot. And if getting warned again or even banned bacause I showed my utter contempt of one such as you, then I'll ****ing welcome it, you sonofabitch.
  19. The turd that just wont flush. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Amen
  20. Well, religion in school is fine, but it belongs in religion class. That's how it is here, and thank ****ing hippie christ for that, I've never ever heard a word about this creationism nonsense in all the years I had biology for instance. :joy: Oh and seriously, do kids in the US public schools have to say this pledge every goddamn morning? Oh and it was actually bible freak and jesus boy, get your insults straight! :D
  21. All over the news actually, but I just visited the National Association of Evangelicals site to confirm it. "The force of 30 million Americans united under a common banner is an effective and powerful tool in shaping legislation." They haven't updated their site yet, since I'm fairly sure gay Ted isn't their leader anymore.
  22. Just as the dutch aren't danes, dems aren't communists. Now on the other hand there's at least 30 million evangelicals, that's a pretty ****ing scary mob. And no, I'm still not gonna answer your twisted PM's.
  23. I was gonna write something really nice, as I always do, but it's getting very late now. Anyway good to see that the republicans are now the minority, it's refreshing. ^_^ Oh and good idea Mothie, PM harrasment is definitely report worthy! :D
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