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  1. Isn't it odd, that the danish contribution to Afghanistan is probably doing more than Germany/France? Even though it's a NATO operation? I'm just thinking that these guys really don't like you, as it is right now, I'm thinking the invasion of Iraq has a lot to do with this discontempt. When Canada requested assistance in their offensive last year, noone came to help... this is NATO? And Spain, seems to keep a very low profile after the Madrid bombings, even though it's probably hightly unlikely that the terrorists could pull that off again, wouldn't you say? I'm just saying the Europe can't rely on the UK and smaller nations doing all the work, France/Germany need to get their **** together and wake up. This was probably OT, but I just wanted to went my frustration.
  2. Hey Wals, I take it back. Maybe there WILL be another European war. You guys just seem to have it in for each other. I just have a problem with their backwards views on homosexuality and abortions. IMO it doesn't belong in EU, not that the US is backwards, but lets face it you do have a very right wing Christian movement. Jeez Lucius. I was just making a joke here. And, last time I checked, wasn't the EU an economic alliance? You live in Denmark right? What the heck do you care about the political climate or opinions about abortions and homosexuality in another country? The opinions of the average Pole on a purely social issue have no bearing on trade, military cooperation, or other aspects of the EU. Also, I would point out that being of a particular faith or political persuasion does not require to conform to any perceived stereotype. I am a Christian and I could not care less about who is or is not homosexual, and can see no reason they should not be allowed to do what they please so long as it does not affect me. I think most "right-wing" Americans would agree with me. Hmmmm.... I get the strangest feeling I've said these things to you before..... Actually, they recently demanded that the entire EU ban abortion and homosexual "propaganda", of course this nonsense was rejected and the rest of us laugh at them, but still it's kinda scary.
  3. Hey Wals, I take it back. Maybe there WILL be another European war. You guys just seem to have it in for each other. I just have a problem with their backwards views on homosexuality and abortions. IMO it doesn't belong in EU, not that the US is backwards, but lets face it you do have a very right wing christian movement.
  4. I think he's talking about your terrain, mountains and ****. :D
  5. Can't you take Poland as well? I don't really want to be sharing a union with those creeps.
  6. Death to the Emperors enemies. Oh, and screw WoW, way too cartoony for me and the orks in that game just look lame (unlike the cool ones in the WH/WH40k universe)
  7. You'll need a top trained commando for this mission, only, I don't think he's British (believe it or not)
  8. Is this when the Bavarians run around in those completely out of this world ridiculous lederhosen? Anyway, as a good patriot, I'll of course recommend Carlsberg beer, and if you decide to come here, the people will certainly not be as anti-american as those you might meet in Germany/France... unless you stop by the stronghold(s) of the commie leftist bastards, of course.
  9. yeah, could "he" be "she"? Then you could totally date a demi-god hottie. That would rock. Damn straight. I wish :confused:
  10. Btw. taks, why do you have so much against Al Gore? Do you have some grand overall knowledge of what he's doing? What is it he stands to benefit if he can convince people to help reverse climate changes? I mean he's already rich, he already got cheated of the presidency, so what is it?
  11. Al, and what he believes, has very much support in this country. And he certainly convinced me, oh by the way I thought what Michael Moore had to say back then was interesting at best, but this is another matter entirely, it could, if he's correct, be the vital for my country, we're not very far above sea level you know.
  12. It is the MOWAG Eagle IV, replacement of our current Eagle :)

  13. Don't worry, I didn't notice the sarcasm either. I was totally expecting a bitch fight, but oh well. Oh, and a tiny query: Like Danes, Swedes are Germanic people yes? Same ethnicity, however Finns originate from another tribe entirely yes? ..
  14. What is really surprising here, is how little you people seem to trust your government. Looks like a major failure on their behalf to me.
  15. While we may not have a socialist government at the moment, but still a social democratic welfare system nevertheless, Denmark is also doing pretty nicely I should say, we may not have the best in all fields of medical treatment, we're still not very bankrupt Taks, in fact we are for the first time in a long period completely debt free, we're even more wealthy than the Swedes (but not the Norwegians, damn oil barons the lot of 'em *shakes fist*)
  16. Kato perkele mullahan olis melkein varaa noihin! *translation* "Hi "
  17. You have teh most awesome avatar.

    You are best Finn ever! :>

  18. We might be promiscuous, but screwing eachother for just a buck?! Why I never!
  19. Well said. I mean, everyone knows that seatbelts are utterly useless. Statistics about them saving lives are made up by a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters in a basement in some govt building. It's all rumours, myths, and innuendo. Fortunately some people know better. LOL, now that is the best post of the thread. And Aram, read what I wrote again and see if you can understand it, I couldn't be bothered to express myself properly yesterday because, well, I'm Danish and I really don't care when I'm tired.
  20. Listen up lady, you can easily compare two countries however big one might be compared to the other, if that wasn't possible, then you could just use that "LOL YOU CAN DO THAT, IT'S LUDICROUS" line every time someone had a point to make whether that might be school system, health care, per capita income/childdeath/crime rates and so on. As Aram also pointed out, it probably isn't out in Happyville, Ohio that graph for gun crime in the US and A rises, but rather in the more populated (and socially unstable?) areas of the major cities. I won't even dare to think what would happen if you'd suddenly get a full auto assault rifle with you home after having served there. :D Your frontier homes might needs guns for whatever reason, but that won't exactly fly in the cities, unless you just need it to blow up the guy standing in your bedroom. (get one of those flashlights that Aram has instead of a gun, much more effective ;P) And if you can't figure out by now why we're curious, then don't bother at all.
  21. The fat man dancing is making me dizzy... Anyway, I just saw An Inconvinient Truth the other day, and Al Gore does seem pretty convincing to me, I mean it's too serious an issue to just ignore what he says imo
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