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  1. That's strange, here it says that they were armed with replicas. "Dengang havde r
  2. Rob a bank with an unloaded gun. Then when you're arrested, reflect back upon what harm selfishness wreaks upon others and how valuable freedom is. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Bad suggestion, just a week or so ago some guys tried to rob a watchmaker? (not sure what it's called in english) with fake guns, and they got chased outta the shop and shot in the back by an SMG.
  3. Ok this game is strange, anyway it was fun for a little while to have Sweden do as I say, but the game really lacks a lot imo. Also, I might be a bit self destructive, but I was just cruisin' around in Northern Germany conquering stuff, Norway wasn't much help though, some subjects they are!
  4. Well as long as you don't say you're American, you outta be fine!
  5. Since Fido was bold enough to close down the thread before poor Kirottu/Muso had a chance to answer me, I'll just quote myself. How often do I get an opportunity to do that anyway? :joy: KIROTTU, wasn't it you who once posted a pic of Hasselhoff in a Warhammer 40k holo setting? Or was it Mus? Anyway, I'll trade it for another Hoff tribute! <--- You gotta click the little dot here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  6. KIROTTU, wasn't it you who once posted a pic of Hasselhoff in a Warhammer 40k holo setting? Or was it Mus? Anyway, I'll trade it for another Hoff tribute! <--- You gotta click the little dot here.
  7. Well who needs a foreign legion when you have mercenaries like the ones the US use in Iraq? They're probably just as effective if not more, them being former spec ops veterans and all. ;p
  8. You should get the MG42, most awesome machinegun in history
  9. Lucius


    I enjoyed Enemy at the Gates, Ed Harris looks like he could've been of German aristocracy imo ^_^
  10. Lucius


    Xard speaks the truth! Also, Stalingrad is a pretty good movie about the misery of the German troops (and soviet) on the eastern front.
  11. Lucius


    Well wanting to be free of the Persian empire is a battle for freedom as well, more or less. ^_^ Free to be under another dictator? h
  12. Lucius


    What does that have to do with anything?
  13. Both of my fine countrymen has covered it all I think, better than I would've been able to anyway. ^_^ Oh and yeah, while it might not be business related on a higher level, I heard in the news the other day that more and more Swedes are coming over to occupy the jobs 'we' don't want, in the capital areas at least. Also I can't remember how low it is, but we're talking about 4% unemployment rate as it is afaik. PS. My personal opinion is that; Jante Law sux!... You can quote me on that in your paper! :joy:
  14. Answer my question or I'll eat your face!
  15. Ok I have another question for you lot! I have been a good boy so far, a super lawman Paladin/DC with a twist of metro and a whole lot of undead hatred. Now, my companions are almost equally good, even the dwarf is getting soft , but if I was to start over and make an evil char, would I be able to influence them as well? Wouldn't it be kinda awkward to run around as a Blackguard, for instance, with a band of bleeding heart goody two shoes?
  16. More or less. Ok, actually more. Of course not, this is an internet forum, and I'm a teenager. Those two things do not an easy discussion make. Glad we could come to an agreement though. ^_^ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Seriously get a room... or lets all get a room. FYI my stance on this is the same as yours, although we do have compulsory military service here for males, but not everyone gets forced in though, and they won't get send off to international missions unless they want to sign up for it.
  17. Yes, purely because the MILLIONS of free citizens who volunteered their lives in order that you might live in a free country. In their name, you owe the ideals for which they fought allegiance. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't ask them to... I would have been quite happy under the "yoke of british oppression" or "Yoke of Canadian Oppression" thank you very much. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Bullcrap )
  18. Cool. Is that some kind of whip in his right hand? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, and he's unkillable, it's a chaos god thing. Comes with the job :joy:
  19. No. Information just wants to be free, and it just ejaculates out of me. Actually, I was reminded of a previous topic a while ago where someone wanted to know if all animals were bisexual by default; I subsequently realised this fact had been omitted. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh ^_^ I was just a little puzzled that you went from Alexander the Great to chimps... just like that :D
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