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  1. Eh, okay so nothing the poster told me was true, at all?
  2. Though the poster a few posts above said he had a lot more to say after a certain encounter with this darth Nihilis, he can't be all exhausted then, unless it's false of course. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to find out, was just having a bad feeling about it, that's all.
  3. Okay thanks for the info. I'd just hate it if his traning progress and overall conversation options had been spent already.
  4. I had just managed to get Atton to become my characters (male) all time favorite dark apprentice toy, we go on a small rampage against some thugs on NS and he (his face even more evil than mine) tells me that my face looks odd and he knows it's Kieras doings... I just had this guy confess to me and agreed to follow my teachings, and now he tells me I look evil!? Anyone know if this is some sort of bug or what? And while I hopefully have your attention; I just have this dread feeling that after this confession dialogue I wont hear much from him again? I really hate just having the 'wanna play pazaak' option with my favorite dark pupil, and after this little episode I described above with my features, I'm kinda doubtfull if this training will even be touched in the remaining of the game? (I took NS as the first planet, would be a downer if I had already exhausted this character) I don't mind spoilers by the way, just don't go into too much detail (if there's any left, that is <_< )
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