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  1. What is your favorite alien language and expression? Aqualish Bith Devaronian Duros Gamorrean Gand Gran Huttese Ithorian Mandalorian Quarren Rakatan Rodian Sand People
  2. George Lucas likes trilogies. Why make money once or twice if you can make it thrice? If Kotor 2 sales are ... significant, Kotor 3 wraps up the story. Time to start a new game, new era, new trilogy.
  3. Seriously, I do. :cool: No, you are not, if your defense is good enough. I don't know how familiar you are with RPG games, but not to worry about defense seems a rather suicidal trait to me. When I managed to raise my defense (and that of my party) to the maximum 19 points mentioned above we very rarely got hit. An interesting theory, it's too bad it doesn't work. The game works on the round-based D20 system. You are unlucky on the die roll on your turn and the opponent is lucky on his, he deals a lot of damage before you can scratch him.
  4. That makes sense but it is not the cause. The armor gives me exactly the dexterity bonus I have. I tried removing and equipping all the items that added defense in different order and they kept adding - up to 19 points total. It's not the "stacking" effect either.
  5. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I noticed my defense never goes higher than 19 points from my base. Is there a limit? The stuff I equipped my character was supposed to increase it 24 points, but it always gets stuck at 19. Is this a rule or just another bug?
  6. Atton: Something up? Exile: How about a game of Pazaak, Senate rules? Atton: No, not right now. I was hoping we could talk. Exile: Do you know anything about men? Mira: Men? They're why I dress like this. Disciple: That's hardly surprising. Kreia: Ask, and I will answer. Exile: No, you won't.
  7. I'm pretty sure that the voice of Davik is the same voice actor used for the guy in charge of the TSF... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I may be wrong, but I'd swear the guy who does Davik's voice does a zillion other voices in both games: Kotor 1: Davik The captain of the sandcrawler team on Tatooine (the one with a heavy - I think Scottish - accent. The two Czerka officers on Kashyyk - one who had just killed a Wookiee and the one in the Shadowlands you had to kick out for Jolee. The crazed merc in Hrakert Station on Manaan locked in the locker (fishy fishy...) More that I can't remember now. Kotor 2: Lt Grenn on Telos Zherron on Dantoine. I think there is more in Kotor 2. Interesting to listen to both Grenn and Zherron when they're together on Telos. I'm trying to remember more but I have Master Uthar's voice in my head now. He also did a zillion other voices (one of the Master in Kotor 2 - the one that was on Onderon, can't remember his name right now), the guy on Nar Shadaa who said the Ebon Hawk was his... Amazing what these guys can do with their voice. And some people accuse the games of bad voice acting. Nonsense. The voice acting was great in both of them.
  8. Haitoku, from what I understood, as long as you are a light sider everything should be fine. If that is the case, why would players bother to go dark? Why would the developers give players the light/dark choice? Oh, and by the way, you are guessing wrong. I finished the game twice: once in the light side, once neutral. Now I'm planning to do it one more time on the dark side. And I, too, "merely said/did what I thought was right" and never seemed to advance an inch in influence with the darker party members. I would only like to hear what they have to say, but without influence, they stay dark and I stay without answers. Why? Exactly. I play to have fun. Let me explain. My favorite genre in games is the RPG. I consider the alignment a most important feature: the player chooses an alighment, and sticks to it. That's what role playing is about. I love to say the corny light-side things like "I'm a servant of the light now" when I impersonate a light sider, or the psychotic "I"ll enjoy gutting you" when I'm dark. Role playing is fun. You can be what you are not. You ruin that, you'll ruin the spirit of the RPG. Not with words, but they can! In order to influence the party members on "the other side" you have to gain some points contrary to your own alignment first! That doesn't make sense. My feelings exactly. Good point. Doing things that would upset your party members should drive them away from you, not closer to you. However, the Exile is supposed to be special. In the context of this story, it would be possible, I guess. Maybe this issue should have been explored further. I think the real problem about the influence issue in TSL is the fact that they don't tell you the whole story if you don't influence everybody, and you can't influence everybody in one go, so there you go to replay the game one more time.... How do I get Kreia to talk? I guess I'll have to play the game a third time and be her willing puppet, tell her everything she wants to hear, do everything she approves of, to see if now I can extract some major background info on the main story. I love the story, you know. What is an RPG without a good story? I have played this game twice I'm still trying to understand what the heck is going on in this story. Will the loose ends come together if I keep replaying it over and over again? Like I said, is this a cheap trick?
  9. Let me see if I've got it right: In order to influence the party members, I have to do what they want me to do- not what I want to do. If I don't influence them, I don't get them to talk to me and tell me the full story. If I do try and influence them, I have to go against my will. The whole idea of influencing your party members was awesome, but very badly implemented. I loved it at first just to hate it in the end. Is this a cheap trick to get players to replay the entire game just to get the party members to talk?
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