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Actually there was an Episode I-III but MPAA did not approve nor re-approved the screenplays which George Lucas wrote. It was Anti-Vietnam, Anti-Governemnt, Anti-Corporation in Episode I-III screenplays. And, all those about Episode VII-IX, believe it there are screenplays for Episode I-IX. George Lucas even told the fans in 1979 that there is not enough to cover in 6 Episodes but in 9. I do not think Star Wars movies are dead yet. Doubted, George Lucas said he would not make Episode VII-IX recently. He forgot to mention his children.


If an Episode VII-IX were made it would be by his kids.

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if I understand you question correct, it's a bit ambigious, you are asking if we thought, while watching episode IV, that there was an episode I-III already released? .. in that case no, I knew that 4 was the "first" ..

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The "Episode IV" wasn't in the original Star Wars, so no, didn't suspect an episode 1-3 until movie episode 2 was released and called episode 5...


See my answer to one of your other posts:


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No, but those movies came out well before I could identify Roman numerals

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Nope. I was in Junior High for the original release... everyone wore Star Wars costumes for Halloween that year. I wanted to be Princess Lea and was stuck with Raggedy Anne... *shakes fist*


He might have an idea in mind that it would be a trilogy or trilogies... but it was more a pipe dream and there was no concrete plans... just vague ideas. But that was all before George last touch with the public... and reality. Two words.... Jarjar Binks. :)


Oh... and I almost voted for the sexy fishy. :blink: You wouldn't be Iridonian :blink: , would you?

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I wouldn't think anybody who was alive for the original release of ep. IV would think there were ep. I-III.


I sure didn't, despite the fact that I was *very* young when ep. IV came out. It was just a given. Star Wars started at ep. IV.

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