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  1. Only way to get Mira Darksided is either build or find a Mod or naturally cheat. Other than that no way to get mira as a Darksided Jedi.
  2. Odinson I truely do not believe Lucasfilms Ltd looked over the entire game. If they did they would see so many mistakes. And, send it back to Obsidian. Truely, shows Lucasfilms Ltd. did not care about the fans and wanted the money instead.
  3. You start seeing contradictions betwen KOTOR I and KOTOR II. And, truely realize KOTOR I is far superior, doubted Carth is a whiney Republic pilot. Wirse than Luke and anakin combined.
  4. KOTOR II Characters will be in Star Wars Databank sometime soon. Lucasfilms Ltd has the license for this game so in fact will be in Databank. I do not think they will be in databank until completion of KOTOR III script that way the fates of Exile and companions are finalized. Those who pay Lucas his 30% using Star Wars names that is when it becomes official. So for all we know Luke married Leia as long as you pay Lucas his 30% it is official.
  5. Actually there was an Episode I-III but MPAA did not approve nor re-approved the screenplays which George Lucas wrote. It was Anti-Vietnam, Anti-Governemnt, Anti-Corporation in Episode I-III screenplays. And, all those about Episode VII-IX, believe it there are screenplays for Episode I-IX. George Lucas even told the fans in 1979 that there is not enough to cover in 6 Episodes but in 9. I do not think Star Wars movies are dead yet. Doubted, George Lucas said he would not make Episode VII-IX recently. He forgot to mention his children. If an Episode VII-IX were made it would be by his kids.
  6. Odinson they should have made a battle in 2 places on Ondreon out in the country with Beast Rider that would have been well made. Then ight your way to the city. But, Dxun was with Onderon. Lucasfilms should not have give obsidian a year time restriant. And, like most seeing Lucasfilms Ltd. to do time restrant games. A cheaper low quality terrible storyline game. Bioware shoukld ahve started the script immediately after KOTOR I. But, Bioware was probably fed up with Lucasfilms Ltd. and their restrictions dealing with time. Obsidian rushed into it and found Bioware' problems. Obsdian should at least say; yes, Lucasfilms Ltd. made us do a rush job.
  7. Great Phantom forgot one thing and pay George Lucas his 30% cut
  8. Actually play KOTOR I again. Read all about Revan and what happened. And, also the only way it is possible to have an HK factory on Telos is during the Mandalorian War. But, to have it activated. Needs Revan's Voice Print. It is why the NavComputer on Ebon Hawk was Voice Print locked. Revan took many security cautions. But, what was unexpected was Darth Malak to turn on Revan and fire on his ship. I would say all that put together 1% chance on Telos 99% chance in Unknown Region. Why? Simple fact, Revan needs Jedi to fight the True Sith threat. And, could not get Jedi with regular protocol droids but HK Assassin Droids.
  9. Witch what I meant by that is in the time period. Especially the Golden Age of the Repubic there were many Sith Lords. And, also if you noticed there is a lot of ancestors from the movie line saga. For all we know is the Exile is an ancestor of Palpetine. Until there is a name for Darth "Doe" or Jedi Master "Doe" there is nothing set in stone on who is stronger. By far Revan currently is the strongest and most powerful Sith Lord throughout the Star Wars Timeline. But, that can change once KOTOR III is released. And, by then the Exile wil have a darth or Jedi Master with a name to associate with.
  10. Research is not about science but the collection of data and facts. And, if you read about Darth Revan in Star Wars Databank it is unrealisticly impossible for Revan to have visited Telos and put a HK Factory in the timeline. When Telos was guarded by the Republic. And, Carth said Admiral Saul wiped out the fleet. Revan to build a HK Factory on Telos impossible it was a good call on both Lucasfilms Ltd and Obsidian to stop making it. And, hopefully it wil be put in the Unknown Region where it belongs.
  11. If you go to National Archives at who was in State Department in Dallas November 27, 1963. Paid attention to Jim Garrison's work. Read what the Deep Throat who met with Jim Garrison in front of Lincoln Memorial said. Whose name is on Central Intelligence Headquaters instead of Lyndon B. Johnson's name. That is who killed Kennedy. Bush Sr. Was in Dallas, TX at time of shooting. Only one who prospered the most. Was in fact working with State Department at time. Not ony that youngest and first Ambassador to China. Youngest Director of the CIA which the position he filed was an Admiral or General. He was a Lieutenant in NAVY dring Korean War. And Acting President since Regan was diagnosedwith Alzheimers Disease after Hinkley shot Regan and therefore was President of US for 1981-1992. And, his name is currently on Central Inteolligence Agency Main eadquarters. And, if anyone knew why JFK was in Dallas he was going to de-establish the CIA. And, there were many shooters more than likely all who worked in State Department for they were the only Governement Agency which could forge realistic Secret Service Badges. Hope that explains all Witch
  12. Oh need to figure out why my last name is Researcher. I posted all the facts if you all paid attention. It is in KOTOR I and II. And, Obsidian time problems I do not think so. Someone at Lucasfilms Ltd was saying this needs to be cut. Darth Nuke if you read any of his posts is right. There are Continuity Archivers at Lucasfilms Ltd. Obsidian should have deleted the files from the game and no one would even know about them. Instead of why did you not put this cut scene in. Or, I've been ripped off and feel cheated.
  13. What we the player needs to do is make sure it is added in when KOTOR III is released it is one of those places which is vital. It screwed up Revan's Timeline in KOTOR I and in between KOOR I and II. But, of vital importance in KOTOR III. It is of non-importance in KOTOR II except that HK-47 says says there is a factory. Do not deal with cut scenes was not included in game does not exsist. It is like sort of saying Luke never visited Biggs. And, Biggs was going to jump ship and join the Rebellion. Not there never exsisted. George Lucas released all his specials except one. His Thanksgiving Special. To him that never exsisted and wants all copies burned. So concetrate for KOTOR III and make sure HK Factory is in it. And, you need to forget it was on Telos. For those who know the cut scene. And, make sure it is added. And, yesit did screw up Revan's Timeline. You had a whole Republic Fleet above Telos impossinle for Revan to slip through. Especially when there were Jedi aboard Republic Ships at the time. It took Darth Malak and Admiral Saul Karath to destroy the docked ships at Telos. And, that was after Revan was recopperating from the life threatening injury. Like I said Telos was a main problem dealing with Revan's Timeline. Especially when Revan was exploring the Unknown Regions. And, found the Star Forage. He had no time to build an HK Factory. Until, between KOTOR I and II which of course and HK-50 in the cut scene recently manufactured. See it caused conflicts and also continuity problems. It needed the choppng board. Instead of compalining it needs to be put in KOTOR II you should complain and make sure it is in KOTOR III.
  14. Aegis it is cut your beating a dead horse to the ground. It screwed up Revan's Timeline why it was cut from game.
  15. And, it does not exsist on Telos anymore. It was cut so it is no longer on Telos. If you do not know what happens when something gets cut from the main part of a movie or video game it no longer exsists and can be changed. And, it would have screwed up Revan's Timeline.
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