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does any one know about......

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What, about being sick, or about KOTOR III. I mean, I'd have to say that there's gonna be one. Ever since we finished our 30+ hours of KOTOR II we've been talking about III like it exists. So if it doesn't, that's a bad move on part of the creators and all that stuff.


Gold mine anyone?

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Uh...... the lucas arts forum which I know aren't the most intelligent, ok its a bunch of idiots slamming their heads on the keyboards hoping it will make words.


But I just remeber the had a link or something I'll try and dig it up.

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OF course it will be made, when will it be made is the question.


And it sucks that LA dev team got laid off, I'm sure Sam and Max 2 would have been good if given the chance.

What if I wanted to kill the other bounty hunters but still have the Twi'leks chase me?

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When (not if, they had better make it! <_< ) they make it, I hope they don't announce it until they're almost into the debugging stage, so as not to get a fan base that wants them to hurry up.

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