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  1. Which he may have been doing. If you listen in KotOR 2, from what Kreia, and to a lesser extent goto say, it can easily be determined that Revan was preparing for a war against the true sith. Sure, he fell to the dark side, but it was a controlled fall the entire way. It makes sense why he saw the star forge as a factory and nothing more, so he wouldn't be further corrupted. After launching his campaign, there is no reason to believe he changed his intentions. And the reason why he turned on the republic was because it was weak, the infinite fleet he could produce, to recruit, and possibly the power of the dark side, to stop the true sith. The jedi council would never have okayed the use of the star forge. It may be that he just doesn't like the true sith, but he is preparing for war and he believes he is the best chance of success.
  2. is that 3rd project chronologically, or 3rd project simultaneously?
  3. huh? the t3 mission sucked, so boring, i couldn't be bothered finishing it. On the endire spire alot more is happening, enemies, suicidal bunkmate, under attack, meeting people etc... I'd say Taris, Peragus was pretty slow and dragged on, there was little interaction and alot of dealing with computers. And i don't count telos as an introductory planet...when Peragus was the introductory planet. Taris had me motivated to find bastilla, peragus had me motivated to get out of there (not to escape death, rather to escape boredom)
  4. I voted yes, though kotor 2 changes the story. I thought it was clear the greater threat the jedi council were referring to was the corruption of revan and malak and the star forge and their assault. But then in kotor 2 the devs decided 'the true sith' was the greater threat, so i'm not sure there is much continuity in assessing the decision.... Though either way, the mandalorians needed to be stopped, and in the end, revans assault was also stopped and if he hadn't attacked the mandalorians he wouldn't have uncovered the knowledge of the nature of the threat and there would be one less great jedi out there stopping them
  5. I say bring back revan! Marginalise Exiles role, possible cameo (nihilius type or more of a partial jedi type). Revan starts grey, vs true sith. The explanation of revan in kotor 2 simplifies things as he is doing same thing no matter what. Only 1 (major) problem....level, and 2 medium problems, reflecting on kotor 1 choices, bastilla (d/s or l/s? can she have a role?) carth... Anyway, as for original idea up there, i don't want a random third guy to be bettering our previous 2 characters and coming up on top
  6. Even in kotor 2, they make revan out to be 'the dude'. Exile may reach nihilius power, but be smashed in combat by revan. And i don't think the level arguament should be used, the levels cap was changed for gameplay reasons
  7. I voted malak as kreia isn't really a sith, though kreia is a much more developed character...though i still fail to understand why exactly she assumed the role of darth traya...why must there always be a darth traya??? Sure her facing him was exiles final lesson, but then how did it serve her desire to destroy the force???
  8. D/s. I'm glad i did as well as it makes the game more memorable when you choose the best and funniest option> And if you replay it, if you were l/s first it becomes more the, oh so this is how the d/s outcome of the quest goes....(i played kotor 2 l/s first but i've learnt from my mistakes and shall play k3 d/s first)
  9. Or alternatively, Revan defeating the mandalorians was a stepping stone to uniting the galaxy under his rule to defeat the 'true' sith, and using the jedi councils thinking, he may have been right to do so...but then the jedi council intervenes, revan gets captured and he barely remembers his old plan and destroys the star forge or rather feels it is not a battle of manpower, but battle of jedi, and leaves to take them on himself. Just a possibility though. Anyway, i want revan back as pc, starting at a low level for some very convincing non- bad memory related reason, as kotor 2 seems like it's a part of something greater, that being revan's adventure and i think his(or her) story should be finished in no 3
  10. I don't care...but i was a little suprised when i saw the basilisk war droid, fully aware of canderous' description (above above post). Didn't fit into what i thought it was when i played kotor 1, and i think the term 'war droid' instead of something like 'ship' or 'space fighter' didn't help
  11. i read briefly at gamefaqs that fury (improved fury i think) was a broken force power....maybe just on xbox though...It also said that the kill force power only ever takes off half of their health (that they have left). Anyway, i found force immunity, my no 2 must have force power for kotor 1, to be completely useless in kotor 2. Master speed is still my no. 1.
  12. I like that idea. That could mean that Revan was right to go to war with the mandalorians, then go on to find the star forge and make the galaxy his so he could in turn crush the true sith...but it would't make sense that he left the star forge probably destroying it....ahh well I want Revan back as the PC, Exile i didn't think was that great, and i think 3 is a crowd. Make Kotor 3 then set Kotor 4 in a different time period (maybe 100 years later or so)
  13. Yeah does that go anywhere? i thought maybe it was t3 hiding revans starforge flights (and maybe some newer adventures). Does the t3 influence repair tell you anything? i was a persuasive, aware guardian who didn't have much repair skill...even with all the repair modifiers i could find it still didn't work
  14. I think the question is, is it being made yet, and who is making it?
  15. Yeah i agree, i disliked the whole idea of some stupid exchange boss for no convincing reason deciding that he had an interest in stabalizing the galaxy. And he is a giant stupid droid, with a more stupid looking hologram, with a crap voice, and is in no way interesting. Worst Kotor character ever. i was hoping i could take him to the hutt that wanted him dead but it didn't seem to work
  16. atton-not over the top, good delivery visas-nice voice handmaiden-some great delivery, interesting voice kreia is great but i still find her voice irritating hk-47 also great
  17. If you (exile) go darkside do you still get that carth/bastilla bit?
  18. Yeah because she doesn't want you to a. betray her and b. to find out there is no bond, or a much smaller bond than she wants you to believe
  19. the dialogue not going away after it was used really annoyed me, that and no more or very few new dialogue options appearing
  20. I just finished my first time through, and i never got the opportunity once to influence either of them, and i would have liked to have gotten further in the dialogue options. Anyway, with the second time through, how do i gain influence with mira? and hk? i think i already killed all the hk-50's before i got hk-47 working again
  21. that happened to me with colonel tobin. Then visas goes on about how we acted psychotically in unison....i didn't exactly have a choice
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