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  1. And yes, I'm a big freak. The Goodwood Internet Community I've had my own phpBB forum for a while now (since last September), which is dedicated to computer simulations and video games, as well as Star Wars and other noteworthy sci-fi and fantasy. With the help of my trusty moderators, I've been able to build up a nice community of over a hundred members of which around fifty are active or semi-active, and I'm quite proud of what I've managed to build there. However, the pride and joy of my forum is the text-based role-playing game I and a few others have been developing. Text-based role-playing, for those who don't know what it is, is essentially a "make it up as you go along" version of a pen-and-paper RPG. You create a username on a forum with the name of your character, make a character sheet, and post with that character in a special subforum. Threads represent locations such as cities or planets, and you can interact with other Player and Non Player Characters in a wide variety of ways, including fighting each other in pre-arranged duels or ad hoc engagements. There is a system of rules that governs actions to prevent abuse of what is essentially an honor system of interactions (in short, you agree not to play God or play beyond your character for the sake of winning, etc). The focus of this particular RPG that I've created is the Mandalorian Wars, and the twist that I've put on it is that I have made provisions for players to don the mantle of characters from both of the Knights of the Old Republic video games. The object of the game is, essentially, to explore this rather volitile era in the history of the Star Wars universe, and to try and fill in some of the gaps that the games and other EU have left. Currently, the RPG is about a year (game time) away from the outbreak of the Wars themselves; the Mandalorians are preparing for their invasion of the Republic, while the Jedi are attempting to maintain the galactic peace. Revan, Malak and Bastila are undergoing their Jedi training, and Carth is fine-tuning his skills as a soldier. What we need right now are more players, more people to take up the Knights of the Old Republic characters, and we can go forward with this game, have a lot of fun, and maybe learn a little something about ourselves and our fellow Star Wars junkies...
  2. I really liked how the two droids were filling in the roles of R2-D2 and C-3PO, but with different personalities. HK-47 was a good carryover, and I liked how T3-M4's personality was fleshed out even more. It also explains why R2-D2 was always so quirky in the movies and in the post-ROTJ EU -- sixty or so years without a memory wipe will do wonders to a droid's brain...
  3. When Visquis meets with the Exile in the Beast Pit after Mira escapes and lets him in. The Quarren Exchange boss gives you a lecture and turns on the gas to knock you out. Naturally, that doesn't work. His expression and the "um...oh...crap..." line is just priceless...
  4. Don't get me wrong, I think the two distinct styles are both good, and both Aimo and Eji are great in the execution. They're both in a professional class, and I think they should try to go pro. Of course, in fairness to Eji, I was going off of her own opinion of herself -- I haven't seen a comic of hers with writing in it. I think you two should seriously think about collaborating on a KOTOR graphic novel. The best part is that you can use creative license (since you supposedly will not be selling this) to "fill in the gaps" in the story.
  5. Collaborations are just that -- someone does the writing, and someone else does the art. IMHO, Eji has the edge in the art department, while Aimo is the better writer. I'm sure the two of you could come up with a shared style...
  6. If you're refering to Party NPC-specific quests, like Mission's Brother or Bastila's Mother, then no, there sre none in TSL (but it would have been nice to have them). There are subplots that relate to the specific characters you get, but they are not side-quests per se, you get them no matter what if you have them in your party. There are some cool conversation bits like in the first KOTOR, that depend on who you have in your traveling party.
  7. I was trying a third playthrough as an LS female/LS male Revan, but a save game bug hit me that wiped half my progress. No more for me until the patch. One more bug: it seems that if I start a new game, all my save games from the previous playthrough disappear from the Load Game screen. Is that normal?
  8. Well... I thought that female Rodian with the pinkish skin, Geeda, was kind of interesting. But I'd much rather focus on my own species, with the possible exception of a hot Twi'lek girl if I'm desperate...
  9. Wow, that's some great stuff! You and Eji should collaborate on a full-scale comic book treatment of KOTOR I and KOTOR II...if that whole Tales from the Old Republic series falls through... I'm in the presence of genius in these forums... (w00t)
  10. Is that similar to the Killblaster? Apparently the Killblaster is a "cheater's item" -- meaning that its there, but impossible to get in-game unless you cheat. The specs are: "Instant Death, DC 100", so its a one-hit-kill weapon! Awesome! (w00t)
  11. I have experience moderating at another forum. I would love to dedicate some time to a community manager's position, seeing as I'm out of work anyway.
  12. I'd hate to see a new developer close their public forum because of a few malcontents. As a fellow Internet junkie and gamer, I can appreciate fully that, though their job is video games, they only have so much time to give to community interaction. Oleg Maddox tried this with the IL-2 Sturmovik series, and it nearly drove him insane. But then, we simmers have always been a rather picky lot, even more so then the general community here. Here's hoping that you can keep this community going.
  13. It is just the international language patch. All it did, AFAIK, is phix the phlubbed-up PDF manual...
  14. Oh no, she's followed me here... :ph34r: Great drawings Eji! Too bad I can't get you to do the same for Bastila and/or Mira...
  15. Well you could say that gizka are good with ketchup, or that they don't taste like chicken... ...or do they?
  16. Actually, that scene takes place on Goto's Yacht. Also, there are two damaged doors in the Peragus Dormatories that will not open either, no matter what kind of mine you put there, and no matter what you bash it with or your security skill. What gives?
  17. I would have followed Revan and Malak, yes. "Aggressive negotiations" are sometimes unavoidable, you know; the universe is a hostile place.
  18. Well-said, and absolutely right insofar as me playing DS. I just can't do it. Though I am strongly light side-oriented, more often then not I do feel the need to "take the fight to the enemy", which is why I identify the most with Mace Windu, the ultimate badass Jedi. It will be a shame to seen him "go down in a blaze of glory", though... So, yeah, Jedi Weapon Master for me.
  19. Not making KotOR III would be like not making Ep. III or Ep. VI.. It would be silly to not do it.
  20. As we in the flight simulations genre know, the dreaded "two weeks" of waiting for a patch can last for an eternity. Honestly, in the sim I play, its become a standing joke within the community whenever the developer has promised a downloadable content add-on. So keep to the "two weeks" wish if you'd like, and while your at it start hurling tomatoes marked "cynic" at me if that suits your desire...
  21. Killbot #1: Such senseless agression... Killbot #2: C'mon, let's go for a paddleboat ride...
  22. Mace Windu single-handedly taking out that droid army on Dantooine and having a "Pepsi moment" with the kid. Classic.
  23. As far as the games go, both in K1 and K2 I always played Jedi.
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