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  1. Just want to add how great I think it is that you guys are trying to fix the game. Keep up the good work!
  2. Sadly I don't think they do as well. But the idea is nice. But really, Fallout 2 was an almost unplayable mess when it was released (it wasn't that hard to get stuck permanently, and there were lots of broken quest etc), and Planescape: Torment had bugs even after the last patch from Black Isle (some were fixed in a fan patch a while later). I was disappointed with the bugs in SL as well, but after thinking a bit about it I guess it should have been expected. Edit: I still loved Planescape: Torment (my third fav game ever) and Fallout 2 by the way.
  3. How difficult can it be to release movies in higher resolution? They just have to watch them to know if they're right ornot. It's not like they have to play through the game 200 times to make sure.
  4. I think it's a bit strange. Star Wars: Republic Commando was one of the slickest games I've ever played. Right out of the box and no problems at all. Everything just worked great and it felt like it had been playtested to death. To think it's probably been trough the same Q&A testing at LA as Sith Lords... It's strange that one turned out a bugged mess while another so polished.
  5. I've lost faith that it will be out anytime soon. Kotor 2 is on the shelf. Long live Snake Eater!
  6. Developing a game for PC requires a lot of QA work and it's hell to get it to work on everything. But guess what, a lot of developers out there manages to do that just fine. Having a game that works well on most systems isn't supposed to be some kind of bonus if you're lucky. It's required, no matter how much work it is. And no matter how much you look at it, Sith Lords has more bugs than it should have. And it's not just the technical problems. There are scripting bugs, AI bugs etc. Are you going to say that it's impossible to get those things right as well? I won't join the "I hate Obsidian more than anything" gang, as I think the game has more good sides than bad sides. But I don't think you should just let them get by with everything. I don't care if Lucas Arts is the devil itself and made them release the game before they wanted. Obsidian is the developer and is responsible for the code in the game. But then again, this is the people that used to work at Black Isle, so I guess I should have waited a few months before I bougt the game... Not that I don't think Lucas Arts is most to blame though. I truly despise them for what they did (and combining that with all the crap Star Wars stuff they've tried to fool us with,even if the trend isn't half bad nowdays), they're not exactly my favourite publisher.
  7. Buy it, then wait for the patch and start playing the second it's out The game is great, so you should play it. You could probably play through the game now and still have a very good time. But lots of bugs do detract from the experience more than waiting a few weeks as far as I can see. So I would wait.
  8. Just wondered how long people think it will be before the patch is out. I stopped playing when I heard about a patch comming soon, but I'm wondering if soon really is soon, and if it's worth taking a break from the game to wait for it.
  9. I just installed a patch that updated my UK version (I guess that's the one they sell in Norway) to 1.0a. Anyone knows what this actually fix? It's not the patch announced, is it?
  10. Actually I seriously doubt that the manual and packaging had anything to do with either Bioware or Obsidian. That's stuff that the publisher takes care of.
  11. But then again all of those games (except Diablo 2 as everyone just loves Blizzard...) got their fair share of complaints because of that, and that was something they truly deserved. Worst was probably Pool of Radiance 2, which also flopped badly because of this. Noone wants to install a game where your harddrive could be wiped because of it. And after a few days the sales went downhill as the problems began to surface. Personally I gave up on Dialbo 2 after a few days and didn't play it again until LoD was released, as I got so damned tired by the fact that multiplayer was almost unplayable because of the lag, sync problems and frequent crashes. And I was very happy that I hadn't payed money for that bag af crap and swore I never would. The game did become very enjoyable after a few patches though, but I still didn't think Blizzard deserved the money. But I truly hoped Obsidian would try to be better than some of the worst examples you could come up with in the last five years...
  12. Saying that it's the users fault is all wrong. Yes, it is difficult to develop a game that will run on a lot of different hardware. But guess what, that's what PC developers have to do. And when my computer should be able to run a game according to the developers, I actually expect it to do so. I don't really understand why everyone is running up and defending OE and LA when they obviously haven't done good work in that category. And look around for reviews. Every one of the larger online reviewers have complained about bugs in the game, and these people play games for a living. And "This game worked wonderfull on my computer, so it's all your fault" is just bs. That it worked on your computer doesn't meen it works on all.
  13. I bought it, but I'm not sure if I should play it yet or not...
  14. So you're saying that Fallout shipped without bugs? I seem to remember that at least Fallout 2 was almost unplayable before they released the patch. There were so many scripting errors that you could get truly stuck.
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