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  1. "Just remember, there are some people that can't even get the game running or even installed, while you are complaining about not being able to win the swoop race on Telos. (which is bugged and not worth complaining about, while the other swoop races are quite winnable, as far as i know, but i have never liked Kotor II swoop racing, it just doesn't do it for me like Kotor I swoop racing did." Okay...havent ever got angry during any of this but your reply has really got me going. "which is bugged and not worth complaining about" What a stupid statement?! The fact its bugged is
  2. 'Worked' meant in the least literal sense possible. I have had no CTD errors ... my problem is the swoop racing and the fact I cant win races no matter what my time because of a scripting error. The manual says I can, but I cant, and I will kick up merry hell until the problem is fixed or Ill be going to trading standards because the product which I bought does not perform in the way advertised or promised.
  3. yes indeed, there is something seriosuly disturbing about your post, that i will carry with me, forever... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Luckly, I'm not "so" concerned about the feeling of a complete stranger, to make me sick, or turn it in a burden for the rest of my life... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Pool of poo... the quote regarding the patch is taken directly off of the Lucasarts forum. Go to lucasarts KOTOR2 website to find it. Kayn I am seriously concerned about your message. I for one did not intend to buy a game that I cant actually play due to bugs and definite
  4. See thread in forum entitled....'patch news'....
  5. LucasArts Jay (administrator) Total Posts: 695 Member Since: 06/01 Date Posted: Feb 24, 2005 01:35 PM EDITED BY LucasArts Jay (administrator): Feb 24, 2005 01:52 PM Hi all, We know that everyone has been waiting for some word on when and how we would address some of the issues with the PC version of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. As of Tuesday we have a "patch candidate" in QA for verification. It will take several days to test and verify all the fixes, and to make sure that the patch plays nice with all system configs etc. We hope to release t
  6. Your point would be valid if it wasnt for the fact that we cant stand 'over the shoulder of the mechanics' when no mechanic has come forward to confirm that he is going to fix our problem. What everyone seems to be missing is that all the moaners and whingers would stop IF they were told that people were definitely fixing their problems. putting 'patch out soon' isnt actually any sort of reassurance, and with regards to the 'It happens to all PC games' quote, isnt it awful that companies can take the mick like that and isnt it a shame that some consumers are willing to attack people who c
  7. You buy a brand new car. You take the key, turn it in the ignition and the car plutters to life. Then cuts out. You do it again repeatedly....Same thing happens. The car is not driveable. The guy next to you walks to his new car. He takes his key, turns it in the ignition and the car starts flawlessly. He presses the button to lower the electric windows. Nothing happens. He presses the button to open the sunroof. Nothing happens. Both of you walk into the garage, but amazingly the mechanics have dissapeared. The salesman is gone. The manager gone. You've paid your money
  8. Okay this is probably blindingly obvious But is there a way of stopping AI controlled party members from running over mines to get within range of enemies. Ive read about the stationery command and I presume that will work but surely there should be some sort of AI programming to stop that happening?! Chris
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