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Most attractive GIRL in Kotor

Who's the hottest KOTOR Babe?  

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  1. 1. Who's the hottest KOTOR Babe?

    • Bastila Shan the Classic Babe
    • Atris the Platinum Blonde
    • Mira the Feisty Redhead
    • Yuthura Ban the Purplicious Alien
    • Lashowe the Crew Cut Blonde
    • Mission Vao the Blue Teeny Bopper
    • Juhani the Hotblooded Furry Cathar
    • ??? the Mysterious Sith Lady

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  • 3 years later...
****ing Damn ****ing **** who let the nercomancer out. I have been gone for a while and what in the ****ing Hell is wrong with you ****er. I will shut the frak up now before I get kicked.


Why, how very considerate of you, thank you. God bless BSG for giving us that, eh lol.


Twin ponytails ftw.

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Necroposting a four year old thread is bad.


Spamming and trolling results in those getting into trouble. :bat:

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