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131 Rapid Fire Questions About the Outer Worlds

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Lol They were so unsure if alot.


I always enjoy these rapid fire question videos but nothing will ever beat Indomniac's, which was fast and accurate :)

Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?


What are you still bothering me for? I'm a Knight. I'm not interested in your childish games. I need my rest.


Begone! Lest I draw my nail...

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Who's bored enough to go through and actually write down all the info about the game?


Me. It's me, I am.


Microsoft purchase has no bearing on game.
'Next generation of a throwback RPG.'
Approx 20% of team worked on NV. Approx 3% of team worked on FO1&2.
No 3rd person.
Yes putting gun down.
No radio.
White chocolate is in the game as an enemy (maybe this is just a joke but maybe it's a joke and also an actual thing that's in the game.)
No intelligent aliens, yes alien lifeforms.
There's a day night cycle.
Takes place in our galaxy.
There are 2 'outer worlds' but also moons and dwarf planets and gas giants and space stations and asteroids.
All worlds you travel to have breathable atmosphere. (No needing to get a spacesuit or whatever.)
They are hoping there will be DLC.
There will not be microtransactions.
They're pretty sure there's 4K console support.
Releasing on Steam, PS4 and XBone.
They're 'talking about' NG+.
They're going to look into modding support after shipping.
FTL travel works by getting close to light speed and then 'moving at a discontinuous velocity' to skip past light speed.
Player has to be human.
Physical character creator has presets and sliders. It is possible to make a character that looks like a walking nightmare.
You choose the name of your character; crew members address you as Captain or Boss.
No power armour but there is heavy armour.
You 'effectively' put points into skills at the start of the game, and someone comments on every choice you make.
No morality, yes reputation.
They 'hope' you can beat it without killing anyone. You can beat it having killed everyone.
Joinable factions.
It appears shooting people in different body locations garners an appropriate reaction.
No children in game.
There's hacking, but no minigame.
There's emails in the game but they're not called emails.
Game is funny.
You don't need to have companions.
Each companion has a specific side quest which improves their combat ability.
In Supernova difficulty companions can permanently die.
Companions can't ruin stealth.
You can't romance them because they didn't wanna make romance an option.
Some companions would be 'hard to flirt with.' They declined to answer about whether all the companions were human. Tim's favourite companion is as yet unrevealed. (It's a robot, right? P. sure there's a robot companion.)
They're not yet revealing the name of the spaceship if there is one. You can't upgrade it.
There are laser weapons.
You can't tame any alien creatures, but you can get robots to turn on each other.
They don't have what they're calling 'boss fights' but they have encounters designed to be more difficult.
There's about 24 flaws, you can have 3 in one game, or 4 on hard or 5 on supernova.
Leonard does not believe it contains any fart jokes.
Lots of endings. Ending slides.
They have a solid write up and a couple other ideas for a potential sequel.
No chance of co-op in this or a sequel.
No celebrity cameos in the game at the moment.
Definitely coming out in 2019, Tim Cain guarantees it personally.

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No 3rd person.

Oh... don't even remember when last time I've played from 1st person.

I think it was TES4, but even than I was switching 1st and 3rd person view a lot. Quite curious how it will turn out.


Joinable factions.

That's nice.


Definitely coming out in 2019, Tim Cain guarantees it personally.

Interesting... do they feel that it's better to release before Cyberpunk 2077?) Edited by MaxQuest
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So if you can only have 3 flaws, does that mean 3 at a time? As you can get the option acquire a new flaw and out grow the old one as it were?

Assuming that flaws are like perks from Fallout or quirks from Darkest Dungeon, then I would expect 3 at a time. Good question about whether there is a way to lock in flaws or replace them with another.



Regarding the interview, some of the questions were really annoying, but I guess that is what Juba was going for. Funniest part was how Tim refused to eat the Hershey's bar. Into the trash it goes, where it belongs.

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