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  1. no waifus? oh poor op, your sexual fantasies will not be fulfilled in this video game. methinks op doth protest too much.
  2. I'll prepurchase so I can preload the game on Steam. I trust Tim and Leonard and the rest of the studio enough that I don't think they will ship a broken bad game. I have enough confidence that I'll enjoy the game that I don't need to rely on some gaming journalist to tell me what I'll think about an experience that is subjective.
  3. I'm wondering if you can be strategic with flaws, as in take a flaw that you know won't be relevant in the next quest area, and then replace it with another flaw when it becomes relevant. As in, let's say there is a flaw to take 20% more damage from robots, and your next area has no robots. Then replace it with a flaw when you know your next area has robots.
  4. Assuming that flaws are like perks from Fallout or quirks from Darkest Dungeon, then I would expect 3 at a time. Good question about whether there is a way to lock in flaws or replace them with another. Regarding the interview, some of the questions were really annoying, but I guess that is what Juba was going for. Funniest part was how Tim refused to eat the Hershey's bar. Into the trash it goes, where it belongs.
  5. Romance in video games has been pretty cringe worthy imo, glad they decided not to include it.
  6. to support a developer i believe in, giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  7. I would also like my money taken in exchange for a contract to play this game called the Outer Worlds. It looks incredible.
  8. you get a cannon and a sail that helps increase the stats and performance of your ship
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