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Petition - Do we want to see the game made harder on POTD on the late levels? Please voice your concern here

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Why don't we have specialty enemies vulnerable only to one type of damage?

No Hard Counters policy.

If you make it too complicated, it can discourage players. I'd hate a situation where I have to fight enemies immune to anything other than ice/water when I don't have any way of dealing ice/water damage at the moment.

You'd remember that place and come back later when you have water/ice. You'll also be really happy when you find/learn something with that damage type.

How would you get away? You're in a fight with an enemy you can't kill



Just like you get away from a fight with enemy too strong for you to kill.

Vancian =/= per rest.

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off topic but DOS2 armor system made an absolutely great game a borefest for me.

Every battle was a constant struggle to deplete armor values.

After that health made no difference since you could CC everyone to eterntity.

I swear you can beat the game with 100 hit points if you find some decent armor

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So I completed  the Beast of winter at level 14 but I now have a huge problem. The rest of the game is so easy that i have completely lost interest in playing it. I am level 15 playing on POTD level scaling all upwards. No Blessings and no mods.


I estimate that I have about 50 to 60 % of the game left to play. 


I have completed:


- port maje and islands around port maje

- about 70% of the content in neketaka

- Arkeymrs quest

- Fort Deadlight

- Serafens quest

- All Neketaka bounties

- All Fort Deadlight bounties

- Beast of Winter


This is all i have done and the game isnt enjoyable any more because it to easy. Unfortunately I am considering shelving the game untill this is fixed.


I am seeing alot of other people saying they have the same issues. Can we all please voice our concerns here so the game is properly balanced on POTD for levels 14 and upwards.



PS on my last playthough i had the same problem even though i didnt complete Beast of winter. Beast of Winter has just made it far worse IMO.



I'm gonna go ahead and vote yes, POTD needs to be harder later on.



I've started running a duo cipher Ascendant + Eder on POTD, and my boys got demolished quite a few times on the tutorial island.


On the other hand though, I've made a Helwalker/Wayfarer and I had to double-check several times to ensure I was running POTD.

It... it's quite confusing actually, hell I'm going to have to check again, something definitely feels wrong here o_o

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