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  1. to anyone reading this and has modding skills. This mod from nexus breaks my game by greying out the "load" and "continue" buttons of my starting screen. Any idea why this happens? I play on steam by the way
  2. most of the people complain about are things that you need to buy the game to experience. So it must be a combination of bad marketing and focus on other games that came out at the time
  3. In my honest opinion for POE3: fix penetration fix stacking improve main story quality (BW for example was great) improve companion quests and you're good to go all else is pretty much fine for me.
  4. I do remember there was extensive feedback regarding the weapon modals in the early stages of the game. It's just there was alot to do in the area of bugfixing that re engineering the modals was never on the list
  5. I want to point out merciless gaze if only for the animation of the casters eyes erupting with light…. Love it
  6. I also wished that weapon perks worked in a different way. I usually prefer a passive bonus when I pick weapon ability although I liked how they used specializations with fighter abilities.
  7. I haven’t played Kingmaker yet but I’m a veteran DM of the tabletop DnD game. I can only say that it was a feat to make the game enjoyable for a low level party of wizard, bard and rogue. I get that people love to powerplay but DnD games in general have the tendency to include builds that make all others irrelevant (I’m looking at you Stormlord cleric of NW2). In that regard I think POE’s vision of all playable styles being viable and the result of being competitive with different playstyles is no small thing. One additional thing I want to add is as someone mentioned above Deadfire is a really underrated game (provided I started playing in v5.0 with all dlcs)
  8. Ι think the introduction of grazes helped a lot against the misses issue. It's only a matter of fine tuning the numbers in the end
  9. wasn't there an initial discussion of adding a +% to healing received to one of the attributes anyway?
  10. seems good. even though I use a shield and I multiclass (hence max PL will be 7). Maybe I'll need to find a bashing shield
  11. I see the heal amount is a set 14. In game it is affected by might and possibly by PL (haven't confirmed that though). In any case even with PL increase it seems to me that with the multiplicative formula the amount of heal will be insignificant in late game. Now I have a mod in place that can add 1 or 2 HP per level in order to scale more meaningfully. Has anyone played a Kind Wayfarer late game to confirm if I should use this mod or if it's better to leave it as is balance wise? Thanks
  12. It's like a separate ability so you can chose which version you want to use. With increased penetration I find it to be not so bad. the faith and conviction however really pisses me off
  13. Yeah I modded WoFS... added penetration per PL and it's decent. Now I need to find a way to do the same to F&C
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