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  1. So me and my friends play via xbox, and in the last week, I notice am crashing out the game a lot more from our shared world game. Didn't pay to much attention to it at first, as I thought was a WiFi connection issue and so would just reset WiFi, game and continue. But Friday gone (21st Oct) just before the update it got really bad. I kept crashing out whilst we tried to defeat the assistant manager. And where we could have won in our second attempt took twenty attempts to complete. Since then it's being happening even more as we try to return to the upper yard for resources and bug kills. My friend whose hosting noted the game freezes seconds before am kicked out to the main menu. We have tried to personally find the problem. By fixing our base stairs which at one point was supporting 600 stuff, still crash out. Test returning to normal multiplayer instead of shard World, still crash out. Tried swapping the host to me, they crashed out. Switch off natural explorer as we heard bad reviews about the latest update to that, still crash out. Wondering if something in one of the updates is causing this? As we are getting annoyed that we cannot play along together with out someone crashing out 20 time's during an hours play. As the whole point of us getting the game was for the team play feature. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it just xbox, or are people on pc also experience the same thing? Granted we did build a tree base this time instead a baseball base, but we didn't start experience issues till after the 1.0.3 update
  2. I've suddenly been experiencing a massive array of random crashes to the desktop. The game has never crashed before. On release i got halfway though the game with max graphical settings no issue, so I'm rulling out my PC for now. I jumped back on and started a new game after the release of the DLC and everything went fine, then this week its started crashing randomly. There's little consistency with it too, sometimes its loading, running around, combat, on the title screen, it can take seconds to crash over up to 10 minutes. I've tried reinstalling, updating drivers, dropping capping the FPS to 60. Nothing works. I'm amusing its something wrong with the game itself. But any help would be greatly appreciated. I've posted this exact same thing to the reddit page r/theouterworlds, so if anyone is having this same issue and I get a solution there I will post it here.
  3. Cant start a new game cant host a mp game cant load an old save.. game just crashes to desktop after selecting player character V0.3.0.2426 or trying to load ANY old save EVERYTIME without fail.. game worked fine before the beta have seen other posts about this but everyone ended with "FIXED" which it 100% is not since i cant play at all anymore. system specs well above min win 10 x64 32gb DDR 4 m.2 SSD(s) GTX 1080
  4. My game has crashed twice during a multiplayer game. Both times loosing all of my gear. The first was loosing 12 hours of hard work. Almost had some of the best gear.. Just to loose everything. When i rejoined my friends game, instead of loading in my character it makes me a whole new character and i lost everything... No backpack on the ground.. Nothing... I went to try and remake the gear and then the game crashed again.. Wasting all of our materials... Please fix server load for items. If You expect to have so much grass everywhere, you should of planned to have servers that could handle the amount of items that are laying on the ground... Please this is such a good game. And i understand its early release. I figured any feedback is good feedback. Keep up the good work.
  5. Twice today, my game has crashed due to recycling something. I THINK both times it was when I recycled my grass plank pallet to move it. I will try again to confirm.
  6. I have ran into a bug with my save game, it's a new world create on the PC version via Microsoft Store and crashes every-time at 3D 1H 40M, or alternatively when I sleep, it creates an autosave at 3D 6H 0M, which crashes upon load. I made a manual save just prior to the crash, so I can recreate it 100% of the time. At first i thought it was an issue with sleeping, but I guess the only reason it crashes when sleeping is because it's getting passed the 3D 1H 40M crash point. I've tried moving my lean-to, this didn't help. I've tried clearing active blueprints, this didn't help I've also tried loading the save on the Xbox, and it crashes there too. Version: Rel
  7. When i load up my game the game will crash every few mins cause theres too many grass planks laying on the ground please add a deletion system where that it will delete stuff laying on the world in a certain amount of days if its not in a plank storage or in a chest or if players are not nearby it and it does make the game lag really bad too when im by the planks cause theres so many of them lol. thx for reading my issue i really enjoy the game hopefully it be better in the future.
  8. What's up everybody. I just signed up today. Alright so, I just bought the game a few days ago, downloaded the monster 16.5 g update (took all night), and started playing today. I have tried and tried and tried to enter Edgewater, from every possible entry way, and as soon as I get through the doors my game crashes. Everytime for at least a dozen tries now. Any advice would really be appreciated. It's been frustrating the hell out of me Lol.
  9. Outer Worlds crashes on any save in The Pit, last level. My first play through on normal was fine, I got all the way to the end of the game. Then I tried on hard setting, snd this time also wiped out each town. Now I’m in Tartarus and just entered the pit. If i save or the game autosaves in the pit the game crashes, making it impossible for me to complete the game. After all the time I invested, this is really upsetting. Can we please get this bug fixed!
  10. I'm not seeing any other posts addressing CTDs, so I'm wondering if it's just my PC experiencing this problem. It has gotten to the point (having just about finished with Monarch) where starting my most recent game Save does a CTD in less than ONE minute. So I started a fresh game, thinking the CTDs were to do with an inherent Save corruption. But even starting the game over, I can't get more than five minutes into gameplay and a CTD _will_ occur. My PC hardware (dxdiag) consists of Win 10 Home 64-bit @3.5 GHz i7-3770K CPU (8 CPUs) 16 Gb RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti (Most recent driver) 2 Gb VRAM Shared Memory (?) 8 Gb ************* I would love to actually finish the game, but unless I can gets these CTDs to stop, that's not going to happen. Has anybody else experienced this problem? Or heard that others have experienced it? If so, somebody, please tell me how I can get a fix!
  11. So, I have been really enjoying The Outer Worlds, but I have run into a problem with persistent crashing in Stellar Bay. I have tried some suggested fixes, like capping my frame rate and turning off my overclock, but the problem persists. Is there a fix for this? If it is relevant, I got my game through the Windows store.
  12. I know there might be some threads on this already but i cant find them at the top. I have been experiencing crashes when exiting the ship and after talking to someone and using the inventory after. I will share a clip from my stream of one leaving the ship. There are more on my streams as well. I've also heard of the crashes at the last door when trying to complete the game. This being said i really love the game but its just a bummer i cant continue. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't help. The following clip is for Byzantium but it also has happened on Edgewater and Harlows base. All these reports come from playing it on PC through windows. AMD CPU AMD GPU
  13. [Story spoilers] I’m on Tartarus and about to walk into a room with Chairman Rockwell standing in it with cameras around him, but every time I try to walk through the doorway, the game crashes. I assume there’s supposed to be a cut scene? Will try changing my loadout or seeing if I can Aggro the room before entering, but so far it’s crashed 4 times in a row and it’s getting annoying. Update: Firing into the room causes the shroud to fail and a fight to ensue, but at least with no crash, though I would rather not kill Rockwell (at least yet) Update 2: Tried Changing guns and running around to bring down my shroud, then walk through, but the game crashes all the same. Guess my only way to continue is to put ol’ Rocky down...
  14. I've had no issues playing the game on PS4 until arriving on The Hope. Once I entered the Restricted Areas within the Hope, every time I attempted to interact with a terminal or have a conversation with one of my Crew, the application immediately crashes every single time with the aforementioned Error code. I contacted Private Division first as was suggested on these forums, but after I provided them with the error code they just sent me a dismissive response referring me to Sony's help pages, which I'd already tried aside from wiping my hard drive. considering the error occurs with very specific in game activities I am holding out hope that other people are having this issue and it may be addressed in a forthcoming patch. As it stands I'm unable to continue playing the game, I even went back to a previous save file before I'd even boarded the Hope in case it was some kind of issue with the file itself, but I still ran into the same problem. Has anyone else on run into this issue? Is it a known problem or is there any kind of work around aside from wiping my hard drive?
  15. So while wondering the lab during The City and the Stars, anytime I try to access ANY Terminal the game instantly crashes. Anytime I try to talk to Giles, the game instantly crashes. Walk to close to the chemicals I'm supposed to grab, game crash. Sometimes I try to go to the elevator to reset my disguise and the game will crash. This is a PS4 version, and it's currently impossible for me to progress the storyline. If someone has already started a thread about this, my apologies. EDIT* So after looking at another thread, I learned that dismissing companions tends to fix the issue, it does, but it's sorta irritating, I really like listening to whatever banter they have.
  16. Hey, as some of you have experienced, upon getting into the room with the chairman your game crashes. For xbox people it also shuts the game down entirely and you have to start up again. This problem rattled my brain for a bit trying to find a fix, and I finally got a hold of one. I did this multiple ways to try and see if it would help me. On the same level you go into the room the chairman is in, go the opposite direction of him and wrap around along the edge of the pit till you see the artificially-made barriers used to stop you. You can actually climb onto the rails and go past the barrier to gain access to the chairman's back door to the room he is in. Go into the room slightly to deactivate your hologram, but then immediately go back out the room the way you came in from to reactivate it. Then proceed to the chairman as normal and try to initiate dialog with him. Alternatively if you have left anyone on the lower levels alive, you can get the dialog. While standing by the backdoor, find an enemy you have kept alive on the lower levels from the railing. you can shoot around them to initiate combat, or shoot them somewhere you wont instantly kill them. This will trigger a hologram disguise failed situation. Then upon killing them while you stand by the chairmans' door will also trigger the hologram to reset. You have to go through the back door because it gives you more room to step in and then out of the room. If there is another way I don't know of yet please let me know. That is how I got the scene to work. 1 /3 times did entering and exiting worked for me and 3/3 times did starting combat and killing the enemy. Also do not actually hit the button to talk to him, let him go through his script to initiate the dialog.
  17. I am playing on PC with the xbox game pass version. After I installed the newest Nvidia drivers that were released on 10/29/2019, my game will run for approximately 3-5 minutes until it immediately crashes/closes. I own a RTX 2080 Ti. I receive no error message or pop up upon it closing and I am returned to my desktop. I experience the same issue every time I boot the game back up. I was having no issues with the game until I installed the driver.
  18. After completing quest items inside Devils Peak, Leaving the area through either of the 2 doors causes the game to crash and return to Xbox home screen. Additionally I cannot fast travel out of the area. my previous save is also from inside the devils peak area, and reverting to this save still causes the issue.
  19. So, While I'm playing the game the game with crash to desktop, no warning or notification of the crash the game will just close and I have to relaunch the game. I am running the game through the Epic Games Store. My specs are: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700X OCed to 3.8Ghz GPU: 2x RX 580 8Gbs OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit RAM: 32Gbs of 3200Mhz I close all applications before starting the game just to make sure nothing is running in the background but it still crashes randomly, I'm not getting crashes in the same exact places either, they appear to be random.
  20. Every time Nyoka appears on the screen for any length of time, my game crashes. Simple as that. I have no clue how the hell to fix it, and I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem.
  21. Problem is in the title- can't even make it past the tutorial. Crashes seem random, and result in a black screen, requiring a hard PC reset. From what I've read, this was a common and widespread issue back when the game first released, but any fixes used back then don't work for me. I've tried everything I could think of- Reinstalling the game and all my drivers, playing windowed on lowest resolution, disabling Vsync... Nothing works. Does anyone have a definitive solution? I use an AMD Radeon RX 590, so not an Nvidia....
  22. Constant crashes happening after i reinstalled the game to play the DLCs. Can`t go one fight with out the gaming minimizing, crashing to desktop or stop working. Is there any solution to this? Specs: Ryzen R6 1600 RX 580 16GB RAM crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  23. Game boots up, but will not let me play. What happens Double click and game tries booting up normally, a white window opens and stays on screen for a few seconds. Then goes away but instead of the title menu appearing, all I hear is the title music and see nothing. I mouse over the window on the toolbar and I see the game, but it won't open when I click on it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xpPHXOdYkgtI2EpfR6whb_omnF4N**** I have no idea how this happened and what I can do to recreate it, but last time It crashed and made a log. Specs: CPU: i5 4460 OS: Windows 10 64 bit GPU:GTX 970 (Recently updated) Here are the crash logs from today, yesterday it just refused to let me play, now its crashing if I let it sit open for a long time. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vxu4s3I6a6nX6j_3D3oO-oYQ2U15XzZN
  24. Before I get to the main problem, lets cover some basic grounds #1 I have played a number of your games but this is the only 1 I play on my phone. It is by far, in my experience, your most unstable. #2 This game has hundreds of bugs. I don't think I have played a single session that didn't have some king of bug #3 This game often freezes completely and I must close it out and restart it and/or reboot my phone to try to get it to even move. #4 I never wanted to make a sign on on your forums. I just wanted to report bugs, lots before, but there is absolutely no easy straightforward way to do so on the internet. Maybe there is a way through my phone, but I doubt it. I don't like writing on the phone for good reason, easy to type on a computer...but why do I need to give you my email address etc. etc??? Why isn't there a place to simply submit bugs? Give me a break, this game has hundreds of bugs- and no way to report so NO WONDER ITS COMPLETELY UNSTABLE #5 I play the game because its fun and interesting but your delivery is crap. It's like a really good soup served at a restaurant filled with roaches and filth and sometimes there is a fly floating in your soup. Let's fix the bugs before making more content PLEASE. Don't be Ubisoft. THE BIG BUG- Sporatically heals stop working completely. Cure, Mass cure, major cure, healing staff, shaman ally. None of them heal. THey get used, ask for recharge check or get recharged/discarded etc.- but cards are NEVER moved from discard to the deck. This bug SUCKS> Makes you lose completely if you were using any kind of healing as your strategy for that quest. THis is not cool. ESPECIALLY with quests that make you Banish cards to close and try to win.... This is like bugs that tweak or screw with checks, crashing on checks that get made, making you take them again. There are a few bugs that work in the players favor, but most like this one break the game and make you lose. It's really really really annoying. Worst case scenario I try to get my money back...which I can't,....but if the game constantly bugs and crashes and has bugs that make you lose...I can at least complain etc. Most likely I just quit... OR you guys could pull your heads out of your butt and work on the bugs NOT MORE CONTENT> Fix the unstability PLEASE. This game is hanging on by a thread in terms of stability. FIX IT. This bug at least, it is a complete game killer.
  25. Hello Obsidian! I need your help. After last update to v3.05 the game start crashes to desktop when I try to save it or on the loading screen when you change location. Also I attach DxDiag file and output log file. But can't attach my last save because it's more than 4 Mb. I hope you can help me, because I can’t finish the game. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
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