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  1. I've had no issues playing the game on PS4 until arriving on The Hope. Once I entered the Restricted Areas within the Hope, every time I attempted to interact with a terminal or have a conversation with one of my Crew, the application immediately crashes every single time with the aforementioned Error code. I contacted Private Division first as was suggested on these forums, but after I provided them with the error code they just sent me a dismissive response referring me to Sony's help pages, which I'd already tried aside from wiping my hard drive. considering the error occurs with very specific in game activities I am holding out hope that other people are having this issue and it may be addressed in a forthcoming patch. As it stands I'm unable to continue playing the game, I even went back to a previous save file before I'd even boarded the Hope in case it was some kind of issue with the file itself, but I still ran into the same problem. Has anyone else on run into this issue? Is it a known problem or is there any kind of work around aside from wiping my hard drive?
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