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  1. So with the help of someone more versed in computers I ran a bunch of stress tests on my PC, ruled out it being an issue there. Didn't know Microsoft Event Viewer was a thing, so once it crashed again I checked that and it appears to be an issue with the game and microsoft store. I will add the error code when I get a chance.
  2. I've suddenly been experiencing a massive array of random crashes to the desktop. The game has never crashed before. On release i got halfway though the game with max graphical settings no issue, so I'm rulling out my PC for now. I jumped back on and started a new game after the release of the DLC and everything went fine, then this week its started crashing randomly. There's little consistency with it too, sometimes its loading, running around, combat, on the title screen, it can take seconds to crash over up to 10 minutes. I've tried reinstalling, updating drivers, dropping capping the FPS to 60. Nothing works. I'm amusing its something wrong with the game itself. But any help would be greatly appreciated. I've posted this exact same thing to the reddit page r/theouterworlds, so if anyone is having this same issue and I get a solution there I will post it here.
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