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  1. Bump! After trying clean boots, updating redistributables and rolling back updates, I can confirm that I can no longer play the game anymore. Contacted support and got my money back. Thank you all for nothing, have a nice day.
  2. Bumping this because I'd rather not throw my hands up on a $50 purchase. Game has now been through a clean reinstall on another drive and still can not be played. The attached output log is the only one I'm allowed to attach and the rest pertaining to me are in the google drive folder in the previous post. This game will not work and I'd appreciate some help. output_log(1).txt
  3. Game boots up, but will not let me play. What happens Double click and game tries booting up normally, a white window opens and stays on screen for a few seconds. Then goes away but instead of the title menu appearing, all I hear is the title music and see nothing. I mouse over the window on the toolbar and I see the game, but it won't open when I click on it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xpPHXOdYkgtI2EpfR6whb_omnF4N**** I have no idea how this happened and what I can do to recreate it, but last time It crashed and made a log. Specs: CPU: i5 4460 OS: Windows 10 64 bit GPU:GTX 970 (Recently updated) Here are the crash logs from today, yesterday it just refused to let me play, now its crashing if I let it sit open for a long time. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vxu4s3I6a6nX6j_3D3oO-oYQ2U15XzZN
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