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  1. Before I get to the main problem, lets cover some basic grounds #1 I have played a number of your games but this is the only 1 I play on my phone. It is by far, in my experience, your most unstable. #2 This game has hundreds of bugs. I don't think I have played a single session that didn't have some king of bug #3 This game often freezes completely and I must close it out and restart it and/or reboot my phone to try to get it to even move. #4 I never wanted to make a sign on on your forums. I just wanted to report bugs, lots before, but there is absolutely no easy straightforward way to do so on the internet. Maybe there is a way through my phone, but I doubt it. I don't like writing on the phone for good reason, easy to type on a computer...but why do I need to give you my email address etc. etc??? Why isn't there a place to simply submit bugs? Give me a break, this game has hundreds of bugs- and no way to report so NO WONDER ITS COMPLETELY UNSTABLE #5 I play the game because its fun and interesting but your delivery is crap. It's like a really good soup served at a restaurant filled with roaches and filth and sometimes there is a fly floating in your soup. Let's fix the bugs before making more content PLEASE. Don't be Ubisoft. THE BIG BUG- Sporatically heals stop working completely. Cure, Mass cure, major cure, healing staff, shaman ally. None of them heal. THey get used, ask for recharge check or get recharged/discarded etc.- but cards are NEVER moved from discard to the deck. This bug SUCKS> Makes you lose completely if you were using any kind of healing as your strategy for that quest. THis is not cool. ESPECIALLY with quests that make you Banish cards to close and try to win.... This is like bugs that tweak or screw with checks, crashing on checks that get made, making you take them again. There are a few bugs that work in the players favor, but most like this one break the game and make you lose. It's really really really annoying. Worst case scenario I try to get my money back...which I can't,....but if the game constantly bugs and crashes and has bugs that make you lose...I can at least complain etc. Most likely I just quit... OR you guys could pull your heads out of your butt and work on the bugs NOT MORE CONTENT> Fix the unstability PLEASE. This game is hanging on by a thread in terms of stability. FIX IT. This bug at least, it is a complete game killer.
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