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  1. No solution for me yet, i just made a new save game and continued that instead. The game is still super early access so i'm not too concerned about the issue, i just figured the Devs would want a copy of the save so they can investigate and iron out the cause.
  2. I have ran into a bug with my save game, it's a new world create on the PC version via Microsoft Store and crashes every-time at 3D 1H 40M, or alternatively when I sleep, it creates an autosave at 3D 6H 0M, which crashes upon load. I made a manual save just prior to the crash, so I can recreate it 100% of the time. At first i thought it was an issue with sleeping, but I guess the only reason it crashes when sleeping is because it's getting passed the 3D 1H 40M crash point. I've tried moving my lean-to, this didn't help. I've tried clearing active blueprints, this didn't help I've also tried loading the save on the Xbox, and it crashes there too. Version: Rel
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