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  1. well i fixed it myself... uninstalling the game did not remove the "maine" folder @ C:\Users\"USER"\AppData\Local\Maine i had not modified this folder in anyway other than changing a single line in gameusersettings.cfg to change sg.PostProcessQuality from 3 to 0 to remove the ingame "fog" which after deleting the whole "maine" folder and relaunching the game it worked fine i quit and went back and changed it again to remove the fog now with no crashing... so lets see if they actually read anything here..
  2. whats the point in having these forums to report bugs if no one offical does **** all about anything or even takes the time to respond to anything
  3. have you turned off the beta update? go to properties on the game files and disable the beta it will download the latest version if on xbox turn ur xbox off n on again
  4. so new update is out and nothing has changed from the beta patch for me the game still crashes... the game loads to the menu fine but soon as i try and start a new game either sp or mp get to select a character or loading an old save the game instantly closes and crashes to desktop with no error before the beta patch i was able to play the game fine and sunk over 31hours into it soon as the beta patch released i got the above issue.. if i removed the beta patch the game worked fine.. now new "offical" patch is out same issue compleatly unable to play the game at all now.. have put all sett
  5. non beta files work fine its a fresh pc wayyyy above spec everything fully upto date inc bios which runs way more intensive applications with no problems so please do tell me again how its my side... if non beta files were crashing and other applications did not run or had issues id be inclined to side with you but beacuse you dont have the issue it MUST be my end is just silly i mean since we dont have the same hardware for start and with such a vast array of possible causes let alone others above saying they have the same issue.. thats abit of a moronic statement but thanks none the less
  6. steam, have verified files and reinstalled with no diffrence frustrating but as you say hopefully its fixed by 30th otherwise will be fair few people not to happy
  7. Cant start a new game cant host a mp game cant load an old save.. game just crashes to desktop after selecting player character V0.3.0.2426 or trying to load ANY old save EVERYTIME without fail.. game worked fine before the beta have seen other posts about this but everyone ended with "FIXED" which it 100% is not since i cant play at all anymore. system specs well above min win 10 x64 32gb DDR 4 m.2 SSD(s) GTX 1080
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