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  1. Basically, when the Exile activated the Mass Shadow Generator at Malachor V during the Mandalorian Wars, it simply craeted an echo in the Exile. That echo caused the creation of Nihilus. Though it's unknown if Nihilus was once an actual being or the part of the Exile that rejected the dark side at Malachor V. That's the great evil. The Exile was just this walking echo that was drawing the Sith. Because the Exile is like a parasite, feeding off the party members.
  2. I happen to know Sikon is not some teenager with no money. Money shouldn't be any problem. Stealing is stealing. No matter how small. No matter how large. How would it sound if I said why should I deprive myself the pleasure of wearing a ten-thousand dollar chain? I mean, I can't afford it. Nor do they sell them here. So should I just steal it?
  3. Who cares? I certainly don't. They aren't sold where I live, why should I deprive myself of the pleasure of reading them? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ever heard of a little place called "Ebay"? Point is, your depriving Dark Horse of the profits they need to keep business going by downloading them or reading them on the net. Why should you deprive Dark Horse of the profit they need to keep business going? Though they won't go bankrupt if it's you and you alone but what if everyone had your state of mind? Stealing is bad...isn't that one of the lessons we learn as small children?
  4. Correction: Male Exile has all the content the Female Exile would. Hell, one could say he has an extra one. Male Exile still has the confrontations with Traya, the party civil war (Handmaiden and Visas), the Atton/Sion fight and leaving Handmaiden/Visas. Obviously you can't get all of these options in one gameplay.
  5. Leave it be. If you want to take him, take him. If not, leave him on the ship. Doesn't matter if he is there or not.
  6. Complaint #1. Let's see how far this goes...
  7. rly good point. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No...really bad point. They'd need the plans. I love how people read posts carefully.
  8. First off, do not call me ignorant. Second off, it's plain and simple why it didn't burn through multiple ships in ROTJ. The Death Star had powerlevels to it's laser cannon. If the cannon was turned on full power when firing at the Rebellion Capital Ships, it'd shoot right through and then onto the Sanctuary Moon where they'd destroy their own shield generator, allowing what remained of the fleet to infiltrate and destroy the Death Star. The cannon definitely burns through. I believe it burned right through Alderann's planetary shield (not 100% positive). But face it: the power to decimate an entire planet would definitely require firing through several small particles and other things in space and on the planet. A capital ship four-thousand years old wouldn't block a shot like that. And please explain to me how a space station would be able to resist a shot that would destroy an entire planet but can't block the shots of several small Republic cruisers...
  9. I hate you because you are beautiful to me...not exactly the best way to say I love you but that's what it says in the developer notes... Anyway, Revan has been made male by Leeland Chan and then remained male when the New Essential Chronology came out. The Exile was simply made canon by the New Essential Guide to Droids a couple of months ago when she was referred to as a "heroine" in the HK, T3 and Goto entries. *patiently waits for complaints and how it's stupid to canonize Exile as a female but nothing about Revan being a male...*
  10. Here we go again...*sigh* Death Star. Rotate it's laser once, lock on, FIRE. It'd tear through all the ships and go send that oversized factory into the sun. Only surrounding it's hanger bays for ships that come a little too close...and they aren't all that accurate.
  11. This is in Lucasarts hands. And they already said no.
  12. Actually, you can get Malak's armor. Though it looks nothing like Malak's...it's a pretty rare item so just level up and keep looting. And if your at max level, then keep reloading until it pops up. (random loot generator)
  13. I'm not sure all is the appropiate to word to use. Since if Obsidian wants a hit, they've got to listen to the fans on somethings. But only basic things like more force powers, mroe characterization, etc.
  14. He showed a Moroccan dish that he had a lot? Your Revan must've been one hell of a eater to show that to food.
  15. Oh dammit. I quoted the wrong post. Meant to quote chris. Fan-made.
  16. it's called the force unleashed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, it's called fan-made.... <_<
  17. canderous said he recovered the helmet but how come his is silver and ultimate's is red <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's a disputed part of continuity of the actual look of the helmet. For now, we simply don't know what happened to make Mandalore change the helmet from that to Canderous'.
  18. is that mandalore the ultimate <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yep. Mandalore the Ultimate himself.
  19. This is what happens when people don't listen to Trask Ulgo. Vibroblades are designed with a cortosis weave. Cortosis is a rare mineral which resists lightsabers. A little Jedi Outcast reference. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know what you mean, its just that you said "Cortsis is a rare mineral" so why do you see them all over the place? I well remember what the expenation was. I just think it was done to solve a problem and went a little too far. Besides, it just looks cheesy. There is nothing stopping them at this point in the story from giving a thug a lightsaber that says "I am a jedi, now give me all your money...". And just to push the point home they can remove a hand. Remember, more lightsabers = more :cool: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Because this is 4000 years before Jedi Outcast and I was simply quoting it. How long did it take us to waste all the oil?
  20. This is what happens when people don't listen to Trask Ulgo. Vibroblades are designed with a cortosis weave. Cortosis is a rare mineral which resists lightsabers. A little Jedi Outcast reference.
  21. I could understand that then. But, I wouldn't go as far as changing all of the Council's robes to the K1 robes. Maybe just a few pf them in certain places. Hell, put Zhar in the Council chamber in his blue robes...
  22. No. He. Wasn't. This is just a rumor that cannot proven in anyway. The only piece of evidence of Bao-Durs fate is in a sound test file found on the official KOTOR 2 website where he says "Make my sacrifice matter...". This does not make any reference to M4-78. Plus, M4-78 would take the place of Korriban, making it a regular world. Nothing profound. And according to the files, Grenn would say "I thought I saw you disembark with Bao-Dur..." when you arrive on Citadel Station to stop the Sith. Aaaaandd....Bao-Dur would be present enroute to Malachor V... {These are his thoughts as he's thinking to himself, player is reading his mind without him knowing}Your command echoes still, General. And I obey, as I did at Malachor V. I have destroyed planets for you, General. But now, this once, if we could save something in this galaxy...I need to do this, or I will die inside. Like I died at Malachor V. I know you can hear me. I have always known. It is why I followed you. You know where you must go. It calls to you still. And she must be stopped, there, now, or she will bring the screams of Malachor V to the galaxy - just as we carried the echo all this way.
  23. Game-engine wise? Yes. They are new. But if you take continuity, they are definitly not new. It's not that they were wearing the KOTOR I robes for years and then decided to switch over.
  24. where did you get the idea that TSL robes are "formal robes", and the Kotor robes the council wore on dantooine were "informal"? i'm not so sure about that, i've never heard of "cerimonial robes" and general purpose robes. on Rakata Prime some council members wore the robes you see on Zez and Vash, those too have never existed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Think of it as a tuxedo. When you wear a tuxedo, jacket and all, it's more formal then if you didn't wear it with the jacket. The K2 robes are basically the KOTOR I robes with a robe over them.
  25. They'd seem rather informal for Council Meetings and trials. I'd just put them in where Vrook talks to Vandar. Or perhaps put some other member on the council, who aren't speaking, in the robes.
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