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  1. And that's it basically in the full game (not much to the Handmaiden romance anyway). And there is no love with Visas with a female Exile. She's stuck with Disciple/Atton.
  2. They get it on... No, not really. Nothing happens. No different then if you didn't romance her.
  3. One can assume that he simply remained on the Ebon Hawk. Though he is there enroute to Malachor. Nope. No content surrounding the navi-computer.
  4. Actually, the alternate ending to K1 was cut because of time constraints. Similar to the cut endings of K2. The rest were simply unnecessary and cut for other reasons.
  5. I know. But still, that Mandalores armor looks somewhat more organic. Mandalore Canderous has a more full body metal suit of armor.
  6. KOTOR 2s Basilisk was a modified version. I assume it was a one of a kind. No continuity issues with that. Though they did make another shot at Mandalores helmet. Someone is going to have to fix that continuity issue...
  7. I don't know...Carth is 38 during KOTOR. Bastila is about 26, 25, 24. Around there. Easiest to say that Revan is definitely older then Bastila. But still younger then Carth. So, I'd bargain that Revan is about 30, 29, etc. As you get older, age doesn't matter when it comes to love (unless it makes heads turn like one is 80 and the other is 18)
  8. Better then Padme/Anakin without a doubt. Hell, any romance is better then that one. Though Bastila/Revan is definitely rushed into (Kiss me you fool!). Guess that's why I liked the Female Revan storyline better (took the entire game for the Revan/Carth romance to truly come out. I wasn't even sure he'd be the female romance option until after the final planet).
  9. It's just the lighting. In case you didn't notice, everything on the Citadel is red during that sequence.
  10. Actually, the team is at the point where all content is being put in. Bug squashing of that ...well...never mind but I'm confident in the teams ability to bear some juicy fruit soon enough.
  11. Yeah, your honestly going to turn this thread into a Sidious versus all just because one guy is being ignorant. Anyway, don't you think your being the same exact way except vice-versa. Can't take your own ignorance?
  12. Nobody said that the Sith Lords were nothing. Your putting words in peoples mouth. Get help. Seriously.
  13. at 03:28 PM, September 9th. It's the 11th. Let it go.
  14. Uh, dude. Sidious was never even mentioned until you brought it up. And since the little encounter in another thread, resulting in everyone getting a slap on the wrist, I'd be a little more cautious if I were you if you want to remain an active member. Also, I suggest a psychiatrist since you seriously have issues that need to be worked out. (I'm being totally serious, not at all trying to insult you)
  15. Maybe five years ago, Luke Skywalker. But since Anakin came along, Luke/Anakin are mistaken for each other by the younger crowd. Put somoene in donut buns and they instantly know it's Princess Leia. So, the cake goes to Leia here.
  16. It's science fiction. You can get away with anything. Doesn't matter. Book says that he is the most powerful. Can't argue with a book now can we?
  17. Unfortunatly, no books, comics, creators have said otherwise so it's still destroyed. Same applies to you. Except I'm actually following a book. Your following whatever is in that little mind of yours (blank space perhaps?)
  18. Uh...yeah it does. Anything Lucas says goes. That's the way G-canon works. Whatever the boss wants. The boss gets. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> K you can think kit-fisto can beat revan and hell even luke if lucas says it. EDIT: Example would be like I made a movie where a super star destroyer got blown up and than said in an interview that it didn't. I guess what I say goes. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You got it. I may not like it but I'm not going to be a jackass and sit here debating something that is completley out of my hands. Like Revan being a guy, I don't like Revan being a guy. I think it suits Revan if he were a woman. More shock value. I don't like it how it's canon but I don't have much of a choice. In case you didn't know, science-fiction is notorious for finding loop holes bring things back the way the creator wants. Like in DC comics...how many times has a character died but they always find a way to bring them back from the dead?
  19. Uh...yeah it does. Anything Lucas says goes. That's the way G-canon works. Whatever the boss wants. The boss gets.
  20. Oh yeah. Your cool. <_< And how do you expect me to prove to you that is a page in the book? Best that could be done without destroying the book itself (part of the cover is folded over to the page). I don't need to prove anything. The book says Palpatine is the most powerful sith of all time - no debate. Vader knew Force Crush (Dark Forces). He had to learn it from someone... You mean like you do? And if you think that way, I suggest you start something at Starwars.com or maybe even throw that into Palpatines bio at Wookiepedia.
  21. Right in this little book.. Ask your mommy and maybe she'll buy it for you. <_< Anything with the little LucasBooks symbol and all that copyright jazz is official.
  22. Do I have to scan the entire book for you to understand? Read it carefully. It clearly says that Palpatine was the most powerful Sith in history... Idiotic fanboy...I feel like I'm arguing with a nine year old about the difference between Anakin and Luke.
  23. Kun did the exact same thing as sidious... heck Kun was able to survive 5k years before being purged by the jedi. He also got promicing students to kill their masters. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Palps got a promising student, hell, the champion to wipe the entire Order out.
  24. Case closed...officially. NEC is an official release of Lucasfilms and therefore, everything that is in the book is 100% true. Can't argue with it. You may not agree but in canon, Palps is more powerful then any of the Sith Lords in history. And once you start arguing with canon then you've lost sanity.
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