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  1. It does. It must be weird talking to him - like talking to a mirror? Maybe that's why he's looking away all the time. I would seek out and buy a Kotor comic involving the characters from the game (I still have Aimo's somewhere on my hard drive), but these ones don't really interest me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's what I thought at first but once I read the first comic, I got really into it and was sucked into it. Unless you want to read them illegally...no.
  2. Gain influence with them. The more influence you have with them, the more in tune with you they are. The less, the less in tune with you they are.
  3. It's called restoration project for a reason. Nothing in files says that it was intended that the masters wear KOTOR I robes. Many types of robes existed during the KOTOR era. Who says that the Jedi is restricted to one type of robe? Who says Vrook can't wear a full robe? Maybe it's ceremonial for trials.
  4. Actually, the first glimpse of the Mandalorian Wars came in issue #6.
  5. And when people do use it, it's only for necro-posting.
  6. You better hope he wasn't repairing the ship while the Exile hunted down Kriea. 'Cause if I remember correctly on darkside the Ebon Hawk fell down a crevasse! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As did in the LS version and low and behold, it rises as the core collapses. <_<
  7. For now, he is still alive and can be assumed he was repairing the Ebon Hawk. Ahhh....this is a very confusing part of the story. Goto is supposed to descend on the remote and "repair" it. Later, when Goto shows up to stop the remote from activating the mass shadow generator, he actually programed the remote to stop moving and from continuing his orders. Of course, in cut-content and in recently made canon, HK-47 shows up to stop Goto (who deactivates himself and one can assume that HK reprogrammed the Remote to continue his orders and then went back to the ship while the remote died with Malachor V) Listen to the dialog. Kreia says that only she has access to the navicomputer when she joins your party. T3 didn't want Hk to know where the Ebon Hawk had been (Malachor V)
  8. He was an Imperial Interrogation droid...turned upside down.
  9. Yes. Multiple times. I found the races in K2 to be somewhat easier then K1. But maybe that's just because I haven't played the swoop races in K1 in awhile.
  10. Then do you say that Revan and Jaden Korr referred to as a "he/his" in a single New Essential Chronology redundant and not relevant? It amazes me how Exile has caused so much problems while when Revan was made a male nobody said a word about redundancy and relevance. I'm not one to cry "sexism". And I hate people who do. I hate feminism and everything about it. But right now, it's crystal clear. This is just pure hypocrisy. And I'd say the same if the conditions were reversed.
  11. The solution will probably make you feel like a complete and total idiot. There is a button at the bottom of the Load Game that says Switch Characters. "
  12. Attach this to Graphic Options in the swkotor2.ini file. Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1
  13. Is "Wow" supposed to hold some sort of prominence? PC = Politically Correct. Guess I shouldn't use abbreviations like that on a gaming site.
  14. Whoa, take it easy. He meant it in a casual way. He didn't mean to imply that all the modders were guys (which is untrue). No need to blow your lid because he wasn't PC about a casual comment.
  15. Nothing in the content will actually change the outcome of the story. Malachor either lives or dies. That's the basic end of the story. Just minor things of what happened with the party members and what exactly determines Malachors fate changes.
  16. We all know that bisexuals are just gays who are only kidding themselves. Sad but true...
  17. Err...Juhani, Belaya and Zekk (New Jedi Order) are all gay...
  18. I believe Obsidian wrote the script. And it's obvious that Lucas had no part in it's writing. (Thank God) Actually the things that are being restored are incredibly relavent. Like the HK Factory. Recently, the New Essential Guide canonized a scene which we never saw because it was cut. This scene was Goto versus the Remote...HOWEVER. What was made canon was the intervention of HK-47 and his replicas. You may think that they are irrelevent but once you listen and read the dialog, then you'll think "Wow, that would actually been awesome to see!". Relavent and just plain "neato" are completley different things.
  19. How can the project be plagerism if they are not passing the material off as their own creation?
  20. It's restoration. Taking what little they are given in the files, make hypothothis about them and putting it back in. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Read the question that I am responding to first. I was answering his question. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And I was answering the basic question of your that it's not restoration. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They are still following someone elses draft, so it would be considered stealing someone elses idea. Plagurism. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In that case, all modding is considered plagerism. And it's not like the team is taking the credit for the story. They are just taking credit for putting it back in.
  21. It's restoration. Taking what little they are given in the files, make hypothothis about them and putting it back in. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Read the question that I am responding to first. I was answering his question. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And I was answering the basic question of your that it's not restoration.
  22. Kavar: "The last Jedi conclave was on Katarr, a Miraluka colony. And all of Katarr was destroyed, all of the Jedi killed..." Vrook: "Including Master Zhar... Master Vandar..." Get over it. He's gone. Don't give any crap about him "not confirmed dead". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can't get over it. And I'll give whatever crap about him "not confirmed dead" yet that I want. You can't make me believe anything. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then that's your problem if you want to constantly be living a lie. Get over it, chum.
  23. Uhhh...Atton getting his arm chopped off is the first thing Sion does to Atton if he looses. Then, he remakes Atton into a spitting image of himself...then, he lets Atton die (in which he does). It's actually quite obvious what was originally intended just by looking at all the files. The only places where it gets scratchy is the Atton/Sion scene. The problem is that what is Atton doing there, when he was previously captured during the assault on Traya and imprisoned?
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