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  1. One cannot rule an empire if there is no empire to rule. Duh. I'll scan the page.
  2. Revan was no push over. I would not be so sure. I bet you any money revans medeclorian level is higher than palpatines but he never learned force storm like palpatine did although it is debatable that he learned force lighting storm. Either way this is after Revans mind was erased and when he was in his prime power. The jedi teachers claimed his potential was unlimited all though that may not be able to be taken 100 percent litrally. Don't underestimate Revan though. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not, I'm telling you facts. DE Sidious knew EVERY Darkside technique known, and even made a few himself (DE Sourcebook.), and you're putting Revan>DE Palpatine? Don't make me laugh, stupid fanboy, without any proof or points to your claims, your argument holds more water than Custer's dead body. Hell, even the NEC says Palpatine is the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith in History. If anyone has the NEC and doesn't believe me, it's on Page 84. OverPowered Godzilla: "ZoMg!!1! TEH R3VAN W1LL B34T P41PATIN3 B3(4U5E i SAY S0!!11!!1." ^That's what you're basically saying. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ...why didn't I think of that when he was calling me retarded...? But I guess I was having a so-called arguement with "the best" (as he described himself) <_<
  3. I'm not even going to dignify you since you obviously did not read the article nor the talk pages where it is debated. Mainly because you know your wrong. And to be frank. Your just a jackass. Lucas: This sequence.. uh.. always started out with Mace overpowering Palpatine, and then Palpatine using his powers trying to destroy Mace, and Mace deflecting his rays with his lightsaber. And it was always was that Anakin cut the lightsaber out of his hand. But this part here where he pretends to lose his power and be weak was something that I added later.. Case closed.
  4. The body was a clone. The spirit was Palpatine and the clone was essentially, a younger Palpatine. Read the novel. It clearly says that Palpatine began to slow down his movements which Windu found strange. Also, that Wookipedia article doesn't help your case since seemed to have won and helpless is in quotes. Please tell me how Palpatine can cry "I'm too weak!" then, not even 10 seconds later, is unleashing hell. Give me a break. Lucas has also said that in the original drafts, Windu does overpower Sidious, however, Lucas scrapped that idea and liked the idea of Palpatine playing weak better. Read the section Debates on the Scene. More proof for ya. Don't give me **** that there isn't any proof that Palpatine threw the fight.
  5. First off, fix your tags. Read Dark Empire... Actually, it's confirmed that he faked it. And its blatantly obvious.
  6. Which is why the NE Chronology calls him the most powerful Sith of all time...
  7. Even if the choice was given for which Exile you want?
  8. They were devoid because she drained them and thus, killed them. Though she was supposed to cut them off THEN forcecrush/choke them.
  9. SF wins. Accept it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Someone is feeling a bit obnoxious and arrogant today.
  10. Anyone else think that people shouldn't be allowed to post until they've read all the posts?
  11. We're talking about 4000 years difference of technology. Perhaps. But the only reason why the Death Star would win definitly is because of that super-laser.
  12. Only thing is that they didn't have anything to shoot down it... I was simply rebutting your arguement that if a bunch of Rebel fighters could destroy it, so could the Infinite Fleet. Yes, true. Infinite Fleet would be able to destroy the Death Star but remember the time? Would they be able to do it before the Death Star blasted the Star Forge? I don't think so. And how good are Star Forge fighters and capital ships? It's pratically arrow versus bullet.
  13. Then I guess I could say that the Imps had spies and crash landed and deactivated the field generator. I'm not playing the Palpatine card. We're talking about a fight where it's simply raw power. A giant planet destroying laser would send the Forge back into the sun. This has gone far too off into Fleets...
  14. I'm not. I'm just showing you that the Death Star wasn't destroyed just because of a few fighters. And please explain how would the pilots of these fighters would know about the exhaust port in the first place...? Or how they would need to shoot it... Then explain how a small Republic Fleet was able to hold out aganist their "infinite production capibilities" for clearly more then 14 minutes. Then I guess we can also add torpedo launcher onto TIE Fighters, right?
  15. During this time his attention was diverted from the battle since he was more concerned with frying Luke. And it's pretty difficult to just so happen to launch a torpedo into a tube 2 meters wide on a surface the size of a moon. Plus, the fighters that the Star Forge produces don't even have proton torpedo launchers. Let's just say it takes 14 minutes for the Death Star to drop out of hyperspace and rotate it's superlaser, do you really think that it'd take the Star Forge less then fourteen minutes to destroy the Death Star?
  16. The first time, the pilot was the son of the Chosen One. The second time, Palpatine had just been thrown into a giant reactor and so his meddling in the battle had worn off and the backlash had an effect over the entire Navy and as such, they basically lost the drive to continue the fight. "
  17. The only reason why the Death Star was taken out by some fighters was (a)Stolen plans and (b)Crappy leadership from Tarkin. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So? It's weakness is clearly still fighters, and we know its weakness, so we might as well exploit it. It was taken out by fighters the second time as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Both times plans and information were stolen regarding it's weakness. We're talking about what if they just happen to engage in battle. Not some all out war. The Star Forge had no real weakspots. Just blow up the command tower and your done. Hell, the Republic Fleet was able to destroy the Star Forge. Why shouldn't a couple of new Star Destroyers and couple thousand TIE Fighters do the same? And it was not because of Bastila's Battle Meditation since the same result happens when you kill her. And if the Star Forge can use Bastila's Battle Meditation, then so can the Death Star in the form of Palpatine and Palpatine is a hell of a lot stronger then her.
  18. The only reason why the Death Star was taken out by some fighters was (a)Stolen plans and (b)Crappy leadership from Tarkin.
  19. I know. But if you don't let Atton continue the discussion before the option comes up, then Revan gets set as male.
  20. Even the game admits Revan was a man so why argue about what the game says? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The only time either game says Revan is male is if you refuse to say anything about Revan to Atton. And the book says Exile is a female. So why argue what a book says? Hell, a book would secure more continuity then a game since with a game there are so many variables.
  21. Example??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't know. I'm just paying attention to what the masters said.
  22. When and if KOTOR 3 comes out, and it does not give you a choice of gender for Exile (assuming they set it as male) then it would override the Guide Book. But for now, Exile is female. Deal with it. If a book came out today and said Exile was male, then even that would override the guide book. Same applies for Revan. Okay then...Revan is also choosen by the player. Guess he cannot be considered male then. No difference.
  23. Um...Tavion was successful in resurecting Marka Ragnos. Tavion's body just couldn't stand the intensity of the battle. But I think I get what you mean. If he had found a suitable body...if Ragnos fell before, he would fall again.
  24. It's the HK pacifist package. You can only install it after he is rebuilt.
  25. So far, three people have complained about Exile being female. And none of them have complained about Revan being male. <_<
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