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  1. Interesting. Perhaps you were inspired by this guy?
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that every single party member (including Revan) was equally whiny? Not that it really has any impact of how I think of the NPCs but seriously, I really wonder why Juhani or Bastila doesn't get as much "whiny complaints" from the fans. Bastila, I could sort of see why she wouldn't (player too distracted to listen to her...)
  3. It's only just discovered one year after KOTOR 2, meaning, it's all foreign hunters, wildlife and swamps by whenever KOTOR 3 takes place. So, it'd be a relativley boring place. No cities. No nothing. If they wanted to do a "beauty" world, then they'd probably do Alderann.
  4. Only problem is that Canderous never really expressed any real feelings aganist Nihilus. All he was doing was essentially helping the Exile and carrying out his orders from Revan to gather the clans together and help the Republic aganist the Sith threat.
  5. Speculation at the moment says that there are four known candidates for the title of Lord of Hunger. All but one are from the comics which will probably, if ever, be the place where we'll learn where Nihilus came from. Zayne Carrick: Predicted to be a destroyer of worlds...that's it. Though according to the visions of the master, he'd be more of a Sith assassin if he does fall to the dark side. In which case a more probable candidate would be Sion. Lucien: Has that relationship (I guess you can call it that) with a Miraluka. Connection to Visas? Squint: Prisoner of the Mandalorians as of now though that whole idea of Nihilus being a prisoner is complete fanon. The Exile: Maybe Nihilus wasn't necessarily a person but a spirit sort of the part of the Exile that she rejected. Only problem is if (not really concerned with canon) the Exile is female, wouldn't make much sense also when Visas looks at Nihilus, she'd be all "Whaaa?!" instead of saying "Just a man".
  6. Trivial issues are just issues that we [beta testers] consider being "nit picky". Make absolutely NO difference in gameplay whatsoever. Nah. It is probable that the translations will be completed before all the bugs are fixed. So, in the end, they won't be holding the project up at all.
  7. No, she just did the "look upon you" part... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Impossible. That part would have to have a seperate tree of it's own, which it doesn't. Provide me with a save game.
  8. No, I really got it in a non-modded game... But then I don't know about the X-box version... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then it was definitely a bug unless you were fiddling with the save game editor. It was apparently not supposed to happen based on the fact that the Handmaiden is mentioned.
  9. There are three dlg in the visasend.dlg. All of them (except the third which is just SCRAP) refer to the Handmaiden. And the second one is connected to the first one when Visas walks into the corridor (when the Exile asks if something is wrong) "
  10. Don't believe everything someone tells you. Nightshade is probably just messing with DarthSceptors head.
  11. Nah. Definitely a fluke (like the gender check didn't go right) or Deadly is lying about the modded game. Probably altered the gender with the same game editor. Basically, the game calls for Disciple (no matter what) if female and Visas if male no matter what.
  12. Well, based on what I just said....yeah. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't follow the mod too closely, and I didn't know you were on the team. I thought you were just making an assumption. My choice of words could have been better, as it was more of a "They are actually supporting translations?" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not part of the team. Just a small beta tester.
  13. Unfortunatly, with Battlefront 3 confirmed and KOTOR 3 not, doesn't bold well for KOTOR 3 fans.
  14. Maybe you should buy (or change to) a version which you can understand fluently...
  15. Content wise maybe but not FINISHED. After content is put in, bugs have to be fixed and translations need to be made.
  16. Yep. Jarael. Though she isn't completely Arkanian.
  17. There should be a song for cut content...anyway, Kreia was supposed to put Sion in a force choke.
  18. Cut content explains this fully. When one appears to have fallen to the dark side, then the bond is severed.
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