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  1. So, whats the list of things cut from the game?
  2. Anyone ever try using the coordinates cheats and warping cheats? Since I have no idea.
  3. Its at the consule where you rescued the Exile.
  4. The language used and the responses are very gender-specific. I cannot imagine people calling Palpatine such names - though that's in part 'cause he's a much less interesting character than Kreia. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Whos worse? Palpatine or Kreia? Obviously Palpatine. And the only reason why Palpatine can't be called a manipulative witch is because, in the Prequels, nobody has a clue, and in the Original Trilogy ( ) he was the leader of an Empire which nobody dared to oppose. And the fact that there was no place to call him one....
  5. They'll ask you to join them, lie to them and say you will join them. You won't get any points from this. Except Influence points for Kreia.
  6. Thats the Star Wars Universe. Female Twi'Leks always have been, and always will be slaves to gruesome gangsters. And remember, Return of the Jedi, it was a female who rescued herself, while being a slave. No more complaining.
  7. I think (and hope) that Lucasarts and Obsidian learned their lesson with this game. 1. Don't cut out any scenes...and then leave them in the game for people to find them. <_< 2. Get a better ending.
  8. I wouldn't say it spoiled the plot. It just gave a backstory to Kreia, that she was once a jedi, turned Sith, and then stripped of her rank. Leaving it unknown what he intentions are. Although its pretty obvious that she is out for revenge...
  9. The HK Series. Shame they cut out their ending. <_<
  10. Vader is more machine then man. It wouldn't work if you tried to suck the life out of him.
  11. I preferred the first one "influence" system. Meaning that new dialouge will open as you level up. Therefore, you can suceed in getting everyones dialouge.
  12. Yes...but what of... ...Revan. Thats the future of KOTOR. The War that Revan went off to fight. When she (or he) left Carth, Bastilla, T3, HK, and Canderous (Mandalore)
  13. Remember...a great war is supposed to break out between the Republic and the True Sith Lords. So, in my opinion, it will start off in the middle of the War, the Exile has left in your care, the Ebon Hawk and its crew (T3, HK, and Bao-Dur) in the care of you, a mere Jedi Padawan who many have seen as one of the savors of the Republic. When the war starts to go down, you are sent to find Revan who can save the war. You must travel to multiple planets to find clues to where Revan might be. Which includes the appearance of the party members of both games.
  14. Actually the Carth lines are indeed in the game. Get enough influence with HK. Not sure the combination that you need to get him to say it though. And I'm going to kill the guy whos idea it was to cut Attons lines. Very appropiate music to go with it.
  15. I think I've found the problem. I didn't realize that I had to take Mira to Nar Shaada to train her. Whoops. :">
  16. I seem to have trouble training Mira and Handmaiden. I get the options and its succesful but I can't give them powers or lightsaber. And I'm getting the same exact dialouge options and I lead up to the point where they agree but nothing. Bug?
  17. Fix the Dialouge problems. Such as when speaking to someone, it completley skip what they have to say and then you are left with what to say without the knowledge of what they said.
  18. And you don't even see Revan...its just the Ebon Hawk flying off...then credits. BAH!
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