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  1. I played Revan and the Exile as women my first time through because I am a girl. Then I went through both games as guys so that I could experience all aspects of the games. Personally I think everyone should be able to play KOTOR like they want to, besides, in the long run it doesnt matter what gender the main character is as long as the player enjoys experiencing the game. *goes back to playing K2 for the 4th time* Three cheers for being addicted! :D
  2. Thanks! I guess Ill have to try playing DS this time, athough I have a hard time being evil. Maybe I can get my brother to do it, he's a natual born Sith anyway. edit: I can look on my dad's comp incase there are different videos unlocked, since he played a LS male pc while I went with a LS female.
  3. My dad and I have the PC version and we both beat the game unlocking 53 out of 65 videos. Does anyone know how to unlock all of them? Or is it a bug or because of the unfinished/undeveloped cutscence/ending issue?
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