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  1. I read that Obsidian Entertainment wants to make Kotor 3, but they have to get approval from Lucasfilms. What is the hold up Lucas? It is just more cash for you!
  2. I finished Kotor 2 twice on light and dark. Yeah I am a late bloomer:) Anyway the end of the game was very dissapointing on both parts. But the game was fun. I had a few questions about the game. 1. Did Bao-dur die? Because he leaves a hologram message for his remote droid that makes it sounds like he droaked. 2. Why did G0-TO Destroy the remote and then you see it is fine later on? I think this game had a fiew open ended stories. 3. The nav computer is voice locked and when the HK unit inquires about it. T-3 zaps him and does a memory wipe. So who voice locked the computer?
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