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  1. IIRC it was fixed, but the fix was to be included in an "upcoming patch," which I took to be 2.1 because 2.0.1 was just a hotfix for some simple issues. Is this not the case? Because it isn't fixed for me either.
  2. MacPlay is a dead Mac porting house....I think you mean the Mac App Store.
  3. Disapointed 2.0 patch still doesn't fix this. I want to finish the game! There are saved games posted to this thread : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101808-the-painted-masks-glitch/
  4. Still no Painted Masks quest fix? Edit: this one, not the other one listed in the patch notes: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101808-the-painted-masks-glitch/
  5. Here's mine. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7x2qi6vnx3pr03/Shane%20%2850564741-7b8a-4ec0-b16d-b08cc73808c4%29%20autosave_0.7z?dl=0
  6. That's the Mac Mini and Pro, not iMac, which have new versions. If a 2013 iMac is listed as "new" on Amazon, that's on Amazon or the third party seller. OP, did you ever try running the game in its own fresh user directory? That's a good troubleshooting step.
  7. What happens if you try running the game in a new user account? Same issues? I remember having a bizarre issue in a Unity game (Kerbal Space Program I think) that came down to some third-party font incompatibility, iirc. There's a sticky topic about known nVidia problems they're working on (although they say the issue is with higher end cards). You may just have to wait for more patches. If you can't get it to work and can still refund it, I'd do that. The game will be fixed in a year and all the DLC will be out.
  8. Here's a link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3skmjitr19dbzf/Shane%20%2850564741-7b8a-4ec0-b16d-b08cc73808c4%29%20autosave_0.savegame?dl=0 Family Pride and Fruitful alliance were fixed in 1.1, however I still cannot proceed with Painted Masks because Ruāsare won't talk to me. I could slaughter her, but obviously I'd prefer not to. I also went back to the Plucked Fruit quest but there was still no option to end it without digging up the fruit.
  9. To be clear, the difficulty indicator are those skulls, right? I've only seen it on one enemy, nothing on quests. Scaled everything, veteran difficulty.
  10. It seems like this issue is still in 1.1. I can't talk to her, and if I try to use the poisoned fruit, she never leaves her throne.
  11. I don't think this issue was addressed in 1.1. My party is level 19 and I still get destroyed in the Cave of Threshing. Everything else in the game has been easy.
  12. Will this patch fix any other quest progression problems, particularly A Fruitful Alliance?
  13. Will this patch fix quest progression issues? My playthrough is on hold because there are a few quests that I cannot progress, most notably Fruitful Alliance.
  14. I managed to do it. If your insight is high enough you can tell him three children will be annoying to live with, and he'll freely find another boat.
  15. Strange, I told her I already killed the slavers and was not granted the alliance. I was able to use the passphrase though.
  16. This is how the peace option is supposed to work: http://www.ign.com/wikis/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire/Family_Pride
  17. I'm not sure if I had the same exact problem, but the quest was either poorly written or there were bugs relating to turning the Bardattos hostile. I couldn't set up the meeting either (maybe you aren't supposed to reveal the planned robbery of the vault?) Anyway, the quest is definitely buggy. I had to slaughter the Bardattos but the quest won't register as completed.
  18. I've experienced the following unresolvable quests: -Plucked Fruit. I got Rongi to admit it, but I want to leave the fruit where it is, so the quest just sits there. -Family pride. I slaughtered the Bardattos but the game won't register it. Unless there is someone not in the estate whom I need to kill? -Fruitful Alliance. I failed to recruit the Wahaki and was told to report to Queen Onekaza, but there are no new dialogue options. Presumably this happens because I did Crookspur first.
  19. Disabling the steam overlay solved this for me, but I had the issue from the beginning so you might be experiencing something slightly different.
  20. The problem is there is no tutorial, so you’re introduction to it is no good. I found it frustrating so I shelved it. When I came back to it later in the game I bought a galleon and all the upgrades, which lets you spam the 1 key and board every time without any thought.
  21. I've been experiencing more 4K-related (I think) bugs. The game was being too slow at native 4K, so I switched it to fullscreen 1920x1080. Sometimes the cursor will be a box (especially as a map loads), and the hand cursor and the curly selection cursor are very large. If I alt tab out and come back, sometimes the click targets will be a maybe about 50 pixels below what they should be.
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