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  1. In the middle of doing Aloth's quest and following Onekaza's advice, I went to the island of Ori o Koiki and had to talk to Ruasare there. Because before this I had finished all faction quests (except for Huana's it seems) related to slavery, and had resorted to freeing the slaves and killing the slavery lord there, she stopped talking to me after she mentioned the Rauatai ships surrounding Crooksbuch. Guess I fail negotiations then. I go back to Onekaza and she doesn't have any new dialogue. On top of this, Aloth says nothing. After searching, I find that I'm either supposed to plant a bomb or plant an infected koiki to have Ruasare killed and then see her soul for Aloth's companion quest, but after doing so and waiting a long time nothing ever happens, she just never moves from the chair, and I'm left with nothing to do. I think it's also important to note that while I think Fruitful Alliance is the quest related to Huana that allows me access to Ori o Koiki, I believe Onekaza never actually gave me such a quest, she just warned me about the Wahaki. And even if she gave it to me, it doesn't appear completed nor in progress either.
  2. Source Large Small Would love watercolour for these! Took me awhile to finally find a good Moon Godlike portrait that I actually like.
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