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  1. To top it off she gets extra dice when she's by herself. She's super dangerous.
  2. They don't show up in the "unclaimed" section when you are creating a deck after a scenario?
  3. I had like 80+ chests laying around from owning the game since launch on mobile. I was kind of waiting to open them all until after the PC release. I just did. I didn't count legendaries but I'm pretty sure I got more than 4. I think I actually got more legendaries WITHOUT the helpful runes than with them. I did seem to get more rare+epic with the runes than without them though.
  4. I also use discarding cards when resetting hands for other strategic reasons. (sorry not directly related to armor recharging) Let's say I discovered the villain and know where it is. I have 7 blessings left (turns) in the blessings deck. I can then maximize the characters I have by rotating through everyone without exploring any locations and just discarding cards and redrawing trying to get better aid cards or better weapons or whatever for the char I'm going to use to fight the villain. Say, if I have Valeros, Merisiel, Lini, and Ezren. Valeros has one weapon, but I know he has more
  5. That is how it should be properly handled. The game occasionally makes a distinction between "failure to acquire a boon" and "failing a check to acquire a boon." Passing on a boon should only count as the former, not the latter. Solutions that involve a emulating dice fail might put you in a situation that you technically shouldn't be in. No sense in trading one problem for another. There's times where I see a junk item/weapon/armor card pop up as the next card and I'm happy about it. The locations that make you banish something to close them are good for that.
  6. It LOOKS like this is available in steam as DLC for the obsidian edition, but I am in the Ambassador program and I was assuming this scenario was coming to us gratis when released so I guess it's not out yet. (Should I be worried that it looks like I don't own the obsidian edition DLC?). I followed the instructions for that program when it came out and the key I have in my account looks like it's just a 10% discount basically says I already own the game, but the DLC itself isn't in my inventory. I am assuming it's just going to appear in my game when it's finally released?
  7. This is mechanically confusing to players by putting in "hacks" like this where dice are still rolled. It should just be a button labeled "Do not acquire", and then a further modal dialog that will say "You have chosen to fail your attempt to acquire this boon, press YES to confirm." With a YES/NO in the case you accidentally hit that option. Sort of like the dialogs that appear when it thinks you might want to take before/after turn actions and wants to confirm you meant to not do that.
  8. Link should be fixed now! I linked and it looks like everything is as it should be in my steam library. Thanks guys!
  9. The links in that blog post are definitely wrong, I see no page with a button for account verification.
  10. Here's another report of this same bug on Android yesterday: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92880-stride-spell-bug/ And another report of this bug from over a year ago: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86831-bug-black-fangs-lair/
  11. Two of us just had this bug happen within the last day on Android and PC. I guess this bug isn't yet fixed a year later.
  12. I just had this same bug on the PC version with Harsk, trying to Stride Lini to the Temple.
  13. PC version. Playing the Black Fang scenario. I was playing Ezren. I did my turn (forget what location he was at). I was ending my turn, I used Stride. I moved Lini from where they were to the Temple. Because I did this, I was supposed to discard a card. Tried to do that, it wouldn't give me an option of confirming that discard, it did let me discard it, but the advance action button was sort of a unfocused dark green. When I did an undo on that discard and switched to Ezren it was then asking to discard 2 cards, with no option to actually discard two cards. Lini could still d
  14. Thanks I just figured this out when I was looking around int the options on my phone last night and came to say I got it working, thanks for the answers! I'll just forego using the Asmodee account linking for now.
  15. I have had the Android version linked to Google Play since it launched. I haven't played on Android for a while. I just bought the Steam version. Linked that to Asmodee. Then I downloaded the Android version again so I could link that up and get my stuff and parties back. I had 17K gold and 80+ chests along with some dice. When I link to Asmodee on Android I lose everything I have basically. Here's my stuff before linking Android to Asmodee (I resized them they were huge) Chests/Gold Dice: After linking it's all gone: Will this fix itself or have I done somethi
  16. I really want a native PC version of the game, and I want to support future development of the game (i.e. new adventure paths etc..). You can be disappointed that I find enough value in a PC version of the game to buy it if you want, and truthfully I am slightly disappointed myself. but I'm making a decision with eyes wide open. Do I wish I could transfer over the $25 of content I bought on the mobile version? Sure. Am I willing to die on that hill, no. If I didn't find value in it, I'd just not buy it.
  17. I think that is the likeliest summary of how things will work. Personally, I'm not against paying for a PC version of Pathfinder, but I can see how it is a little irksome to early adopters that they can't go cross-platform for free while the reverse is true for purchasers on GOG/Steam. However, my additional thoughts are: 1. The mobile version was stupendously generous in that it was truly a free-to-play app that didn't require any money or even forced ads reach the end. To unlock the game, you just had to play it a lot. 2. Going non-free will help the financial viability of the app
  18. The quote below is from Flounder on page one of this topic: "I'll go into more details in the upcoming blog but yes, everything you bought on the mobile will be available on PC once you merge/sync your PlayFab accounts." Quoting the post that's right above the one you cherry picked to quote: When they say "everything you bought" they are not talking about AD 1-6 plus the character addon. They are talking about cards you've gotten through chests, dice, new chars, etc.. From what I've read, you have to spend $24.99 to own the PC version of the game. There's no free downlo
  19. I will say it is dissapointing for someone who paid $24.99 for everything on mobile, I have to pay it again on PC. But PC first time buyers will get everything on all three platforms. So basically I'm paying double what someone that's going in for the first time on PC is paying. I get why, need to actually fund development and feed people and pay rent, but it does seems slightly unfair. Maybe just throw us some sort of bone even if it's something small. EDIT: I'll buy it anyway.. so yeah.. there's that.
  20. To resurrect an old thread, I've gotten Durance up to a decent Mechanics skill now but he has still yet to find ANY trap when a container/floor is trapped. Even sneaking. But sometimes when I'm not sneaking he'll get a surge of usefulness and see a hidden object somewhere.
  21. Speak for yourself! Though I'm getting along fine playing it on my PC with Leapdroid (RIP). Thankfully I bought it before Google snapped them up. Definitely the best emu.
  22. Money will be immediately spent somehow when there's a way to hand it over.
  23. I agree with the sentiment in theory and there's quite a few good points in this thread for useful armor cards. In modern RPGs armor often times adds buffs that help in combat. Having more of that of varying strengths would add some interesting options. Obviously this would probably throw off the balance since all the other cards were balanced with the current state of the armors cards in mind. There's no easier way to change that than a digital game that can easily be patched. Yes Rise of the Runelords being the first has the consequence of armors being a little less useful than later AP's.
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