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  1. Hello, The Zombie Horde barrier is shuffling itself into the location deck even when all characters defeat it. This has happened multiple times in different scenarios. The Goblin Warchanter is no longer allowing the wisdom check and flat out locks my weapons immediately when encountered.
  2. Playing the last scenario of pack 2 (with the clock tower). Harsk is at the Waterfront location and encounters a Cultist. Since he has no weapons I am given a d6. I use a Blessing of the Gods from 2 other characters to give him two more d6. I then recharge Poog to add 3 to the check. Suddenly my dice are d4s. I cancel out of Poog and they remain d4s. I opened the drop down "check" menu to see if the d6 option was there but it wasn't.
  3. I have a party of six that has finished the 3 basic scenarios and the first of Burnt Offerings. I wanted to try quest mode but these characters are not available under the experienced section. Is this working as intended and I have to use a different group in quest mode or is it a bug?
  4. When playing this scenario I closed the location I defeated the Ancient Skeleton and closed the location Thassilonian Dungeon. Then, I used Stride to move Ezren to the Temple. When I got there, it put the spell back into my hand and then asked me to discard two cards anyway. When I tried, the card I was trying to discard became grey (instead of glowing blue indicating I could use it) and the arrow at the right of the screen (that let's me move to the next step or character) started pulsing. However, no amount of pressing the arrow let me continue my game. I tried quitting the game with
  5. As title asks, are there cards that come only from chests or if I buy the season pass will I have all the cards? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks! I don't follow the development and such because I want to be surprised and experience the game when it's released. The tweet about asking questions is what brought me here. After being a little bummed that last time this was promised by a company and not getting it, I wanted to at least know going in to this one.
  7. Is the 15 level dungeon in the game? I only ask because another game that had something similar as stretch goals ended up not really including in the way you'd expect. It was fine that they did that, as the game was still amazingly fun, I'm just curious if we are still getting our mega dungeon in PoE!
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